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Green Games Village

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Games village siteThe 35th edition of National Games this year was the most vocal and visual representation of India’s national integration. What’s more, in keeping with promoting the event as ‘Green Games’, the Games village construction too was based on the concept of environment friendly prefabricated technology.

The venue of Games village involved construction of housing units over 28 acres of land at Menamkulam in Thiruvananthapuram to house approximately 5,000 persons. The idea of eco-friendly development was extended from using PUF-based Prefab systems in EPC mode, covering design, supply, and transportation to erection at the site as well as internal services.


The Games Village was recreated as a ‘miniature India’ with over 5,000 sport persons and officials from different states housed together at the venue. A total of 365 pre-fab houses were built to accommodate five athletes per room while, team officials and coaches were allocated single or double rooms. Social infrastructures such as kitchen, food courts, reception desks, medical centre, recreational zone, health club, open air theatre, conference halls were also included in the Games Village. Apart from these, the house-keeping, solid waste management, security, clean water distribution facilities and landscaping was provided.


Modern PUF Panel Systems consist of prefabricated sandwich panels in modular designs that enable easy & quick installation along with durability. What’s more, the sandwiched Polyurethane Foam (PUF) panels of different thickness and length can be manufactured with consistence chemical and physical properties as per relevant national and international standards. These panels are interlocked with each other using Cam Lock Systems or through tongue & groove arrangement which ensures a precise interlocking of panels and dimensional accuracy. This also eliminates the risk of thermal bridging and provides an air tight joints between panels after erection.

The Prefabricated housing is light weight, energy efficient and faster to construct. One major advantage of using this technology at Games Village was that the entire construction could be completed in a very short span of six months. Another advantage was that individual housing units could be dismantled and relocated to other locations once the games were over.


• High load bearing capacity

• Thermal insulation.

• High Water and Vapor barrier.

• Easy erection and low Maintenance

• Excellent panel joining and sealing.

• Design flexibility

Acme, India’s largest manufacturer of world-class PUF panels constructed the Games Village using PUF Panels from Technical Expert Group (TEG) constituted by the National Games Secretariat (NGS). The best in class Polyurethane panels, developed exclusively for the tropical climate are stronger, tougher, more durable, and more versatile. The key advantages of PUF (polyurethane) over conventional elastomers and plastics is that conventional material can often crack, breaks, swell, deteriorate or abrade causing interruption and slow-down in business operations.



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