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Green inverter AC ‘Soch’ from Godrej

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L-R Mr.Prasoon Kumar, National Sales Head,Godrej Appliances, Mr.Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head-Air conditioner, Godrej Appliances , Mr.Kamal Nandi,Business Head and EVP-Godrej Appliances – 09

Godrej Appliances, a leader in the Home Appliances industry, has launched a power saving green inverter air conditioner with 5.8 ISEER under its premium sub-brand NXW.  It meets the 5-star requirements of the current BEE energy rating norms and also complies with the 5-star requirements of the proposed BEE energy table of 2019. The company also unveiled its brand philosophy Soch ke banaya hai’ (things made thoughtfully) that fuels the brand’s new communication strategy.

The NXW Inverter AC comes with a unique Green Inverter Technology. The combination of inverter technology and the green balance technology helps in achieving the highest energy efficiency in most eco-friendly way using the green refrigerant R290 which has zero Ozone depletion potential and minimum global warming potential. The NXW AC offers  substantial reduction in power consumption. “With the new Godrej NXW AC, consumers can use their AC without worrying much about the electricity consumption or the environment,” said Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP – Godrej Appliances. ISEER or Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a new rating system introduced by BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) in June 2015, for inverter ACs. The minimum ISEER required for an inverter AC to be rated as 5-star is 4.5.

According to Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head- Air Conditioners, Godrej Appliances, Inverter ACs is the fastest growing segment with 100% per cent year on year growth and 8% contribution to industry sales. “This AC has been specially designed to suit the Indian climatic conditions while delivering high efficiency – and therefore comes packed with advanced technology and features such as 3X BLDC Motor Technology; Gold Nano coating for increasing the life of the condenser; ECO mode for 25% more power saving, Intelligent Air Throw as well as User defined Air Throw along with many other features which deliver comfortable cooling.”

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