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Green-Roofed Solar-Powered Culture Center

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In Taichung Taiwan, the Cultural Center’s two buildings, the Fine Arts Museum and the Public Library evolve from the broken slabs of runway concrete and the gap between them provides vistas and visual inter-connection. Once completed, the buildings will have a small footprint – less than 30% of the area with the rest used for water features, a green zone, and recreation. There are three primary components which make the project energy efficient and sustainable – the Green Roof effect, the locally generated solar power and the elongated shape. The project is designed by Dinkoff architects & engineers, California, USA.

A garden partly covers the roof of the Library to provide beauty and insulation. Solar panels cover the remainder of the Library roof and the entirety of the Museum roof to generate electrical energy. This energy will be stored in batteries in a mechanical room in the garage area below, available throughout both buildings to meet their lighting requirements and the special air-conditioning requirements of the Museum.

The elongated shape of the Library, with the long sides facing East-West, allows the pressure differential of the natural breeze to assist the air conditioning equipment and thus to lower energy usage.


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