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As with the previous years, this year’s IGBC event in Mumbai too had interesting contests for schools. Under the Green your school theme, the top prize for “Benefits to School and Society” was bagged by K.V.SEC. -2, R.K. PURAM, NEW DELHI.

The responsibility to co-ordinate and initiate this contest in our school was assigned to Ms.Rikisha Bhaumik, PGT (Biology) & Incharge, Eco-club of the vidyalaya. The three students selected for this project were Anima Pandit (IX –A), Anjali Sharma (X-A) and Nandhu Suresh (X-A). In order to come up with ideas which could be realistic and easily implemented in the school, the team started with an intensive green school audit. Under this audit, the school’s valuable resources such as land, water, air, food and energy consumption along with their proper management was scrutinized and assessed. “After getting insights from our audit, we concluded that the school is using conventional methods, which is leading to wastage of our valuable resources. So, we brainstormed and arrived at innovative and sustainable solutions to deal with our problems”. Said Bhaumik

The team’s top 10 ideas

  1. Promotion of inclusiveness in school by making school and students sensitive to the needs of differently able students. The school has about 50-100 differently able students. However, adequate measures to address their needs have not been incorporated. This idea intends to create ramps and separate rest rooms for them.
  2. Usage of smart taps having sensors to reduce the wastage of water.
  3. Transforming our classrooms into green classrooms where there will be proper management of waste along with the provision for good quality indoor air.
  4. Creating a biodiversity rich school campus by planting more fruit trees and keystone trees.
  5. Illuminating the dark corridors by installing SMD LED mercury free ceiling lights.
  6. Integrated Energy saving plan by replacing ordinary bulbs with LED’s, reducing use of AC’s by making better provision for air circulation and buying energy efficient devices.
  7. Green scaping the school garden in order to make it sustainable garden. It included various components such as rain water harvesting, vermicomposting, drip system of water supply and grey water management.
  8. Installing solar panels to harness abundant solar energy available in Delhi and use it for operating solar heaters and geysers during chilly winter season.
  9. Efficient school building management by installing various types of sensors like fire sensor, water sensor, electricity sensor, pollution sensors etc. to make the school more secure and healthy for students.
  10. Going paperless by increasing the use of Information Technology in the school.

“The event was an enriching and memorable experience for us,” said the students. “The presence of eminent personalities like Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian astronaut to land on moon, Felix Darwin, the great grandson of Charles Darwin and Bahar Dutta, young environmentalist and Editor further boosted the spirit of students.”

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