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Greenlam Medley Collection

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Greenlam Laminates unveils Greenlam Medley Collection 2013 based on the latest interior design trends across the globe. The 450 designs encapsulated in the collection include abstract patterns, plain colors and textures inspired from nature and other engineered materials. The entire range is anti bacterial and offers wood, stone, textile and metal finishes. The Marmoreal range is inspired from natural Italian marble. The colors are trendy and the stone texture adds a third dimension to it. The fabric series Mesh features five fabrics finish in earthen colors.

The wood grains range comprises Country Wood series with rustic oak and banana wood texture in three colors each. The rustic and contemporary series of Chased Wood offers rough cut texture of a split oak and a clean quarter cut of Ash wood. The Elms and Oaks of the Glossy Woods series add freshness and are catching up in decorating of wardrobes, kitchens and furniture.


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