Wednesday , December 7 2022
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Greenpanel Club Grade HDF

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Greenpanel has launched Club Grade HDF that is an avant-garde product, especially suitable for areas with higher humidity which helps in protecting the furniture from water, borer, termite. Made from highdensity fibre, these boards are anti-fungal and borer resistant too making them the first choice when it comes to doing the interiors for your house.

The product is an extremely strong heavy-duty water-resistant Board manufactured using German technology. The choice of raw materials, coupled with stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacturing makes these HDF boards extra strong.

The board is the perfect substitute for Plywood. It scores over traditional Plywood in a number of ways. The water-resistant property is the biggest differentiator. It can be used in moisture prone areas like kitchen and bathroom while layers of Plywood peel off on absorption of moisture. It is also consistent in terms of thickness. By virtue of being treated with special chemicals, it is termite and borer resistant. The surface of Club Grade HDF is suitable for painting, polishing and pasting of veneer. Besides Club Grade HDF can be profiled, routed and moulded due to its homogenous construction. Moreover, it is a costeffective, versatile, eco-friendly and highly resistant to natural threats.

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