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GREENPRO certified green building modular furniture and Interior systems

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IQUBX is a Delhi based startup founded on core philosophy to provide innovative, integrated and intelligent system solutions, primarily for, though not restricted to, Interiors. Amit Garg, Managing Director, IQUBX speaks to Buildotech.

IQUBX is a successful startup supplying sustainable and innovative building products. What are the different products and the special features?

IQUBX was created with the sole aim of designing and manufacturing unique and innovative products – based on recycled Aluminium – in the interiors and building industry space. Besides these products, IQUBX has the expertise to develop customised innovative solutions for its clients too.

Being an architect and product designer from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, I have been exposed to interior as well as building industry in the capacity of an architect as well as a turnkey contractor. While working, I gradually grew dissatisfied with the products available in market. I felt that I could design better systems with more and flexible functionality and systems which are more integrated in comparison to diverse products available from different sources.

Many of our products have even patents applied for the design. For instance, our modular baffle ceiling system has changeable finishes and can carry even glass or cork finish amongst others. Different modules can be combined together to form new shapes and configurations. Lighting can be integrated on different surfaces as well.

In fact, all our products have some common attributes, which reflect the core design philosophy of IQUBX, that is to design innovative, intelligent and integrated green building products. The company has been awarded the much coveted GREENPRO certification for 23 products by Indian Green Building Council, CII. Most of our products are the first in their categories to be awarded green certification in India. Besides these products, IQUBX has the expertise to develop customised innovative solutions for its clients too.

We have different products ranging from modular baffle ceiling, ceiling trap doors, paneling and demountable partition systems, glass partition systems, floor boxes, floor junction boxes and raceways to name a few.

Modular systems are now catching up very well in Indiaboth in the residential and commercial market. How are you catering to these segments?

All our products are modular. In fact, modularity of the systems is a key design strategy for us. Using modular products systems, we have achieved goals of using minimum number of components in products and also use same components in different product systems to economize the product development cost as well as to minimize the carbon footprint. It also affords us the possibility to iterate designs quickly and economically so that designs always cater to customer requirements. Another unique feature of our products is that they are highly customizable due to modularity. I will venture to say, we are redefining the word “modular” through our work.

The products are from recycled Aluminium. What are the advantages?

Using the recycled and recyclable building material is an important start for sustainability efforts. Aluminium has several unique properties of being very strong, durable, light and non- corrosive material but has a very high carbon footprint during virgin production. However, recycled Aluminium retains all the properties while it consumes just 5% of the initial energy.

Aluminium is also infinite times recyclable. Almost 70% of the Aluminium ever produced is still in use in the world. Many of building components are now being made in aluminum. In IQUBX we have made a conscious effort to design interior systems in 100% recycled Aluminium.

How has the journey of the company been?

As is with all new ideas, and since our products are quite distinct and different with new value propositions, we have had to invest in educating our clients and making them aware of advantages of our products. Development cost has also been very high due to many initial iterations. Since they are all manufactured items, we have to go through all the aspects of design and production cycle and then to validate in the market before launching a product. But feedback from industry stalwarts has been encouraging and that’s what has kept me going.

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