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Greenroof leak detection technology

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Rooftech Enterprise (P) Ltd, Gujarat with its partner International Leak Detection LLC (ILD) has specialised in quality control / assurance and leak detection methodologies for applied waterproofing membranes. Their proprietary Electric Filed Vector Mapping (EFVM®) technology is a testing methodology to check for leaks in roof gardens or overburdens on roof tops. This is a low voltage test method that creates an electrical potential difference between a non-conductive waterproofing (WP) membrane surface and conductive structural deck or substrate, which is grounded. By applying water on the WP membrane surface and utilizing the water as a conductive medium, a negative electric field is created on the top of the waterproofing membrane. Any breach in the WP membrane creates a vector (ground fault connection) with the positively charged structural deck underneath. This can be electronically measured by a certified technician with pin-point accuracy. This technology is ideal for testing leakages on garden roofs, green roofs.

EFVM® requires just a spray of water or existing water within the overburden to test waterproofing. This technology can be used on flat, sloped and vertical surfaces. On detection, the contractor can repair the defects found and have them retested on the same day. It is a non-destructive method and reads through all typical water-permeable overburden mediums including soil, sand, crushed stone, pavers, asphalt and unreinforced concrete. Since the technology uses very little water, it adds the sustainability element to the project.


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