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Growing IBMS Market in India

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A report by Frost & Sullivan on Analysis of Integrated Building Management Systems Market in India, states that IBMS market in India is gaining ground and due to the rising levels of energy consciousness and building owners’ desire to increase their green footprint. Customers are also eager to adopt this solution to lower their operating expenditure, giving IBMS companies many reasons to cheer. The rising impetus from the Indian government to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption and reforms to aid foreign direct investments have significantly aided the IBMS market.

Building performance can be improved by integrating several sub-systems within the IBMS architecture, as it can bring down energy cost, improve efficiency and diminish energy usage. Acknowledging the vast opportunities in this market, many leading international and domestic market participants are signing mergers & acquisitions to expand their geographic reach & product portfolio and grow inorganically.

Despite the swelling demand for IBMS, the market is hindered by low availability of skilled manpower and qualified system integrators. Its high upfront costs also deter the price-sensitive Indian consumers who seek guaranteed return on investments through energy and cost savings. However, this can be achieved only by using cheaper products which are in short supply.

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