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Guidelines for door & window profiles

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The uPVC Window and Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA) has drafted aset of quality guidelines to create benchmark of technical specifications of uPVCWindows and Doors. The new guidelines have been set in order to give consumers abetter understanding of the options available and help them make the best choice.For ease, convenience and accessibility, the Association has also listed the guidelinesonline at www.uwdmaindia.org.

The draft will be shared among all stakeholders, directly and indirectly involvedin the line of business, across India. Some of the key points covered under thenew guidelines will address all aspects of a given uPVC window and door profile.This includes Profiles quality parameters, hardware tests for functionality, strength,operation & smoothness, usage of galvanized steel, processed glass only as per standards set by Federation of Safety Glass and verification of Quality System Procedure or Quality documents of the manufacturers.

UWDMA through Bureau of Indian Standards is also working on a standard forthe Indian market based on the EN 12608 with certain parameters adapted to suitthe Indian climatic conditions and test ability. The profiles, besides being required to conform to EN 12608:2003 are also required that their class be specified by the manufacturer clearly on the profile so that customers can identify the brand ororiginal manufacturer and the standard followed.

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