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Helping build a waterproof India for 20 years

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Star ted as an Indo-Canadian brain child, Kryton B u i l d m a t , o n e of India’s most respected concrete w a t e r p r o o f i n g Companies turns 20 this year. The Company was built with the vision of investing in the fast growing Indian construction industry. The mid-nineties were seeing a surge in the Indian infrastructure development, as the Indian economy was opening up to the world and the construction industry was willing to try new products that the world had access to.

This is when Kryton International saw an opportunity to enter the Indian market and decided not just to export, but also manufacture in India. The vision was to build a long-term, sustaining business model that invested in the future of the country. Kryton Buildmat (Kryton-India) became one of India’s first crystalline waterproofing manufacturing units in India, and even today is the only Company to manufacture BIS licensed crystalline waterproofing products manufacturer. Being the innovator of the crystalline technology, Kryton International made sure that every product produced met the standards of international quality and consistency.

The initial battle of changing mind-sets was easily won, when the Company delivered solutions to high-key projects that had been battling with leakage and had not been able to find the right answer. Infrastructure and government projects seemed to be the first converters as they had been in desperate need for solutions that worked, and Kryton came as the answer. Projects that had never been used to their complete capacity, stalled structures, dams, reservoirs in need of a ground breaking waterproofing technology turned to Kryton for solutions.

Once the results were in, engineers, consultants, contractors and architects concerned were hooked. They recommended Kryton products to various projects across the country and would always turn to Kryton- India for one time solutions. Being in the forefront of the crystalline technology Kryton set the standards for this innovative product and become a dependable name in the industry. This led to the Company being approved by EIL, CPWD, PWD, NBCC, NDMC etc. and more recently DMRC.

For two decades the Company has merged international quality with Indian requirements to give results that are customised to India and the Indian Sub-continent. Having a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in India, has helped expand the reach to every part of the country and provide solutions within a short span of time. Competition has come and gone, but the Company has stood strong against the wind of change and has kept innovating products to always deliver what the industry is demanding.

Today, on its 20th anniversary, the Company is celebrating two decades of building a waterproof India. The Company has been part of many structures that today dot the ever changing Indian Skyline, from single structures in smaller city, to complete townships, from reservoirs to the metro, from Jammu to Kerala, Kryton has made its presence felt and is proud to be growing year on year.

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