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High level Summit on Real Estate and Facility Management

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“Enterprise alignment with Building services”

A one-day international Summit with focus on the relevance of building services as part of an organization’s business strategies was organized by Buildotech magazine in association with property management company Cushman & Wakefield as knowledge partner and Clean India Journal as media partner.

Property represents a substantial investment for many organizations and its management should be central to any business’s strategy. Deliberating on the role and importance of real estate and facilities management, top developers, corporate real estate management heads, facility management leaders and service providers got together on a single platform. Addressing the audience on the relevance of both infrastructure and FM to the core business was the first Master speaker of the day Jairam Panch, Managing Director, Turner Project management India Pvt. Ltd an Indian arm of Turner International, USA, a global Project Management company.

According to him innovation in construction and new concepts of BIM, Lean and 3D printing are becoming critical to new age building design and maintenance. He said, “The problems faced in facility management originated during construction & design phase of the buildings. Therefore, the focus should be on how to make maintenance less repetitive and technically more sophisticated. Housekeeping cleanliness, technically trained staff are the challenge the industry faces worldwide. Another critical aspect of the modern buildings is safety and security, given the rising heights of the buildings and the limitation of fire extinguishing snorkels to reach such heights. Thus, the fire safety will have to be inbuilt in the building through choice of materials and design. While, sustainability calls for optimization and resource efficiency, keeping the lifecycle cost minimum is also important.”

Markus Asch“Involving FM in the earlier stages of design and execution helps the project managers understand the design bette. Testing & commissioning at the end of the project should always be done with FM participation. Handing over or Close out is an important stage in project management wherein, coordination with BIM is helpful in capturing information and handing over the documents in 3D to the owner for future reference. It involves, handing over the OEM manuals, as built drawings, warranties, certificates from vendors, suppliers, approval, fire safety NOC, Occupational certificate etc. to the FM for maintenance aspects,” he said. In the end, Jairam suggested backward integration where FM companies inform designers and consultants of the essential points as the design & construction managers may not be aware of all the aspects.

Impact of Technology

The second Master speaker of the day Markus Asch is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman of the Management Board at Alfred Karcher, GmbH & Co. KG. The company based in Germany is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Markus presentation focused on the technology and its impact on FM companies. He rued the fact that as cleaning solution provider, they enter a project, when everything is already constructed and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain. According to him, cleaning is not about a cleaning product or equipment but, it is an entire process that varies for a hotel, industrial facility, mining operations, so on and so forth. He said, “The seven trends in marketplace today include technology, urbanization, globalization, healthcare, sustainability, individualism and demographic development. In the increasingly connected world, the resources are availed from all over the globe and access to technology is getting easier. This means that going forward, just providing technology would not be enough for customer retention, it would need solution and service competence. Maturity of demographic population means that instead of technologies developing in western world and then getting adopted elsewhere, the innovations will happen more in emerging markets and then embraced in western countries. The ageing population in Japan, Europe and America demands more automation & ergonomics to keep people healthy and in workforce. This also means more emphasis on IAQ in the office spaces as maximum time people spend is in their offices.” Markus emphasized that the increasing urbanization has led to congested urban environments and combining of functions within buildings leading to more complex FM operations. “The future trends comprise, focus on maximum customer interface, personalization of products and services and consumers becoming producers namely Prosumers,” he said.

(LR)Sajit Sankar,Sreedhar Saraswathi, Shamsher-Sindhu, Padmanabhan Kannan,Shirish TareTalking about impact of technology on cleaning, he stated that communication between building, machine and user is the future. “Combining the building knowledge with cleaning knowledge will give efficiency. Driving the change will be cleaning on demand, low frequency & high frequency areas cleaning, robotics for cleaning simpler areas along with advanced communication process and efficiency of processes. Awareness of cleaning is still low in FM as it is not a visible product but let’s not forget that it can drive customer satisfaction,” he added.

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