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High tech Green Complex

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COR will be a mixed-use condominium complex located in the Design District of Miami, Florida. Designed by Oppenheim, a Miami-based architecture office, the 121m building integrates solar properties, such as thermal mass for insulation and shading for natural cooling, while simultaneously providing openings for glazing, terraces and loggias for the ground floor.

The building exploits natural phenomenon by placing wind turbines on top of the building–integrating them into COR’s protective external shell which provides insulation and shading and a convenient place to install the turbines. Thus the wind turbines and fenestration create a seamless ‘spotty’ pattern on the shell.

Miami’s warm climate enables COR to use solar panels. Renewable energy is also absorbed by photovoltaic placed on COR’s facade. As COR is a tall building, its facade covers a large area and thus a significant amount of energy can be absorbed to generate energy for the building. COR also incorporates a green roof, which protects the building from solar heat gains and the urban heat island effect. COR’s grey water is collected to water the exterior plants and the green roof’s plantations.


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