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High performance compressor

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Ingersoll Rand has launched a high performance compressor EvolutionTM to cater to industry specific needs. This product has been designed to provide ease of operation, low maintenance and reliable air supply to a wide spectrum of customers from varied verticals including automobile, vehicle service stations, textile, colour/rice sorting, sponge iron, plastic and rubber manufacturing.

The Evolution range of compressors are designed with the latest technology providing prominent benefits, including more CFM/kW which provides more air flow (CFM) with less power consumption (kW). The compressor helps reduce maintenance cost and increases the life of the compressor and has a long life of 8000 hours ensuring increased productivity and efficiency of air end. The Three Stage Separation System provides clean air with almost nil oil content to ensure high quality finish. Efficient cooling at 46°C provides more surface area for cooling and avoids nuisance tripping. It provides real time access to package discharge pressure, air end discharge temperature, fault shutdowns and diagnostic display. The compressor is a one stop solution – refrigerant air dryer, air filter and receiver– providing moisture free air to enhance the life of end equipment. The compressors come with a Dual-Control operation that ensures greater reliability and effective load/no-load control with automatic stop and restart facility for maximum flexibility.

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