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High-tech Joint Filler Board – ‘DURAboardHD100’

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Construction is the second largest economic activity in India accounting for nearly 11% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This will amount to a huge investment in the infrastructure sector for development of power, roads, bridges, city infrastructure, ports, airports, telecommunications and construction industry as a whole. Exposure to world-class expertise and advent of global players has led to infusion of new materials, equipment and technologies in the construction practices in India.

Founded in 1942, the Supreme Industries have become the trendsetters in plastic products and have developed customized solutions specifically for the construction requirements of various segments.

The company’s product, a low compression set filler board ‘DURAboardHD100’ especially for expansion joints application replaces less effective bitumen board based solutions. Throughout the year, building faces, concrete slabs, and pipelines expand and contract due to the warming and cooling through seasonal variation or due to other heat sources. An expansion joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of various construction materials, absorb vibration, hold certain parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes.

‘DURAboardHD100’ (formerly SIL flex /Capcell HD100) is an exclusive compressible filler board specially designed to be used as expansion joint filler in concrete brick, block work and isolation joint, where readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required. Its excellent recovery property makes it the most suitable product for this application. ‘DURAboardHD100’ is a high performance, pre-moulded closed cell joint filler material available in the board / sheets form. It is very light weight. This makes it very easy to handle and install. Being polymer based, it is rot proof and bacteria resistant.

The striking features of ‘DURAboardHD100’ are that it is bitumen free and can be cut in any size with a normal knife. It has excellent recovery of 95% after compression up to 50%. It is resilient, non staining and hence does not distort under normal load from wet concrete

‘DURAboardHD100’ can be used in expansion joints in building, concrete structure, concrete roads, parking areas, industrial flooring, bridges, decks, water retaining and excluding structures and isolation joints in machine foundation.

The ‘DURA’ range of products are manufactured from virgin raw material and no CFC / HCFC gases are used. At every stage of the manufacturing process, a stringent quality check methodology assures the reliability of the products.

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