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Hydraulic attachments for demolition

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With the rise in construction activities all around, the application of demolition tools have also increased considerably. In Power demolition tools, Hydraulic breaker forms the crux of this segment. Atlas Copco Hydraulic breakers meet the gamut of carriers from 700 kg class to 140.00 tonne class for different applications, produced in state-of-the art production units in Europe and added with most reliable after sales support directly and through dealers as well.

The hydraulic breakers are used most prominently in applications like foundation in urban areas, secondary breaking in quarries, scaling in tunnel’s construction and primary breaking in mining segment. The breakers are incorporated with KRUPP percussion technology, on which it’s invented and lead the concept of hydraulic breakers long back in 1863. They are added with patented features, which makes the investment most powerful in terms of performance and cost-economic in the long run.

Key features are :

  • Highest power to weight ratio in each category
  • Auto Control
  • StartSelect
  • Vibrosilenced
  • HeliCoil Insert

Apart from the above features, the reliability of the equipment is well supported by the 1+ 2 extended warranty programme, which shows the confidence of the brand upon the complete product line.

More than 1500 hydraulic breakers of Atlas Copco are operating in India, which are backed by branch offices and dealers all across the country.

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