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IGBC Certified Green residential colony

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Moti Bagh residential colony in the capital that supplies 100,000 litres of treated water daily to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NMDC) has been given Green Homes Silver certification by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This residential colony spread over 105 acres has its own solar heating system for nearly 500 flats and a waste water management plant. The solar plant lights 50 per cent of the street lights in the colony.

Moti Bagh has almost 60% of the land under green area and the ground coverage is only 18%. The colony has a functional solid waste management plant that recycles the bio degradable waste into fuel and compost. When the colony was redeveloped, no trees were cut and the roads were developed and designed in such a way that it involved no chopping off of trees. In addition to the existing trees, 4,156 more were planted in and around the complex.

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