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In Sync with Design & Detail

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With an eclectic portfolio of built projects that includes architecture, interiors, urban planning and stall design, Mumbai-based SM Studio handles versatility of design typologies. Buildotech gives here a glimpse of the firm’s design and project management brilliance through some selected projects.

Co-founded and led by architects Meghana Shetty and Suresh Mistry, SM Studio is driven by passion. The firm came into being in 2007 with a wide-ranging interest in architecture, interior design, planning, base build and fit-out contracting services. The partners bring to each project the cumulative benefit of their comprehensive experience; an in-depth understanding of design processes and management. SM Studio has become a one stop solution for interior and architecture works which provides a wide spectrum of designs ranging from the very minimalist to the rich ornate classic to very vibrant and young styles. However, the challenges of the industry have widened the role, scope and responsibility of architects. Meghana and Suresh has taken this into account and has always tried to create a balancing act where detail, character and fundamentals are not compromised in their projects. SM Studio’s USP is its intense programming to advocate solutions that are intuitive yet flexible, while conforming to codes, environmentally sensitive, quality defined and most importantly, vehicles of change.

Meghana Shetty
Suresh Mistry

 The process begins with an initial consultation with client focused on an exchange of ideas, needs, scope and aspirations, discussion about budget, and an explanation of services and the stages of the process. Upon instruction, a site survey is conducted following which a design meeting is held to firm up the brief and budget. Then the ideas are developed and a scheme is agreed upon. Once the project scope has been agreed, the team prepares a series of design presentations which will develop spatial, structural and architectural arrangements, samples, colors, lighting, furnishings, joinery and finishes. Each element of the scheme is developed, specified, costed and presented for discussion.

Such acute project management makes SM Studio an expert hand at converting a site or an empty building into dynamic spaces full of natural light and charm. The clarity of design thought of the architects manifests itself in all their projects. Their solid aesthetics are matched by the shared vision of designing sustainable structures.

RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE: Divya Drishti Bungalow, Lonavla, Maharshtra

Weekend Home

There’s no better way to blow off some of the city stress than relaxing in the peaceful confines of nature at one of the farm stays near Mumbai.

Located in Lonavla amidst lush green expanses, the design of the bungalow( 7000sqft) is in a minimalist style for an uncluttered look to match the openness of the surrounding. The idea was to make the outside and the inside, a part of each other rather than being separate. A weekend home with plenty of natural light and framed views of the scenery around, the owner’s desire for his home was a modern dwelling against the laid back visual setting.

The key principle of design for this project was rooted in the universal element of three-dimensional space and form, like the double height volume in the living room, which distinctively is the heart of the design. As a part of the brief, the client also emphasized on optimum use of spaces to which, as a design response, the architects provided full height sliding windows that opened up the interior spaces, extended the living area to the balconies and provided privacy where required. A strict geometry defines the architecture of this building with a well-proportioned façade composition, inspired by the 20th century Italian Architects.


The client was looking for a high tech “smart home” that felt luxurious yet urban and unique.

The apartment is located on the terrace floor in a highly commercial area, hence it was decided to create a unique indoor/outdoor living space that included gardens on both ends of the residence offering a serene escape from the bustling suburban Mumbai roads and a feeling of overlooking the city rather than living in it.

The overall space (10,000sqft) offers four bedrooms, a beautiful puja room, and a huge entrance lobby connecting the various spaces to the main living dining areas and the kitchen which acts as the service core.

Hues of beige, browns and whites with additional in fills of color as an exotic accent, were kept as the overall theme.


Keeping in line with the colors, logo and theme of the company, the office interiors ( 5000sqft) is designed to reflect the warm legacy of Arkema which is a multi-branded, Future 500 Company. The diversity of the company the same is reflected in the design by use of customized graphics, fixtures and accessories.

HOSPITALITY: Umbergoan Club, Gujarat

The club site, spread across eight acres at Umbergaon, offers something measurably different, alternative and unique compared to other destinations. The designers describe the project mystical, mysterious, deeply spiritual, multi-layered with rich religious and artistic culture.

Being easily accessible and at closest proximity to industrial hubs, this place has begun to suffer from its tremendous success. The design for the club offers little more than a pause, a space, a retreat, in keeping with the sense of space and time.

URBAN DESIGN Surat, Gujarat

A weekend getaway housing scheme plotted on an area of 20 acres with 200 row houses, an opulent club house and a serene backdrop. The housing scheme also housed a preschool, a creche and a small health center along with the community center housing a 5D cinema hall and a luxurious clubhouse.

STALL Acetech, 2017, Mumbai

The key to any stall is, of course, a killer display, hence selecting the right style, colors, lighting and features for the 650sqft Khodiyar Stairs Stall was the key that could have made or broken the whole experience.


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