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India’s First Research Park ‘BGRT’ awarded Platinum LEED Certification

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Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT), a 9.5 lac sqft Research Park at Bangalore with 84% floor efficiency is developed by Bearys Group. It has been awarded the Platinum LEED certification by IGBC.

BGRT is a climate responsive design and the project objective includes energy efficiency, green and eco-friendly design and state of the art technology. The services design conforms to the intents laid down by USGBC, IGBC and ASHRAE.

The building is oriented optimally with longer axis along the East-West direction to minimize solar heat gain throughout the day. South-East and South-West facades of the building are opaque with service core provided there in, thus creating a buffer space to minimize heat gain. Northern façade is provided with double glazed units with high performance glass to maximize day lighting and minimize solar heat gain, besides providing good sound insulation.

To obviate the Heat Island effect, vegetation and water bodies have been provided on ground, and the open space exceeds the statutory requirements. The terrace is covered with High Albedo paint having SRI value of 96 and solar panels which act as a buffer between the slab and the horizontal solar radiation, thus keeping it cool by reducing heat gain through roof by conduction.

Air-conditioning is provided by a central variable flow chilled water recirculation system. Heat recovery units have been provided to pre-cool the fresh air being supplied to the ai-conditioned area through conditioned air exhausted from the toilets. To meet the night purge requirements, and free air cooling during mild weather conditions, fresh air grille with motorized dampers have been provided and have been ducted to the external wall of each AHU room as required and air relief motorized dampers are provided on external façade of the building.

BGRT is a zero discharge project which has a waste water treatment plant based on Membrane Bio Reactor technology installed on site to treat 100% of waste water from the building. The treated water is used for cooling towers, landscaping and flushing toilets. Rain Water Harvesting is also done to reduce storm water discharge from the site. Building Automation System is provided to monitor all parameters of air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical and firefighting.

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