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Individual Needs–Individual Designs

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Every person uses the bathroom in his or her own unique way – individual requirements differ and place high demands on the flexibility of bathroom furnishings. This prompted Duravit to ask what a contemporary and sustainable bathroom programme actually has to offer in order to best meet all requirements and to cater for all applications. The bathroom manufacturer found the answer in collaboration with Matteo Thun & Partners, taking into account all relevant parameters and looking for the overlap between product design, architecture and interior design. Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India Pvt. Ltd simplifies this complex equation.

By focussing on three key areas, Duravit is setting standards in design, quality and state-of-the-art technology. All the new products of the Company will be launched on the world’s leading trade fair for innovative bathroom design ISH 2013 in Frankfurt in March. In India, Duravit will offer the whole product range.

“A big part of our success lies in the cooperation with international designers – different ideas and views meet each other for a successful cooperation. With high-profile designers like Matteo Thun, we continue to develop innovative new products for different lifestyles and budgets. Neither Duravit nor Matteo Thun are interested in “design for design’s sake”. Good design is not just about looks but equally about practicality and sustainability. This applies to the materials used, their environmentally-friendly production and design – from planning to the finished bathroom,” said Asutosh Shah.

For architects and planners, it is essential that a bathroom series for use in both public and semi-public areas is functional, hygienic, easy-care, easy to assemble, versatile and available at a price that is in line with project requirements. When developing with Matteo Thun & Partners, Duravit focused on these key points right from the start. At the same time, the new bathroom programme sets a completely new standard in an important market segment, thus generating added value for building projects.

The unique range being offered includes — the washbasin variants that range from hand rinse basins to furniture washbasins with the rectangular basic form offering generous shelf space and a comfortable basin depth for maximum utility; the narrow, elegant rim around the washbasin and the tapered outer edge that neatly slopes inward; and wall-mounted and floor-standing bidets and toilets that have an extra-flat seat which makes them light and elegant. The rimless wall-mounted toilet is DuraStyle’s innovative solution whenever short cleaning times and optimum hygiene are required. A new flushing technology guarantees optimum results, even with small amounts of water. As there are no hidden areas for deposits and dirt to collect, the bowl is much easier to keep clean.

Wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets with matching SensoWash® shower-toilet seat are also available to meet users’ demanding hygiene requirements. Nine urinals with identical outer dimensions, optionally available with electronics, as well as a waterless urinal add the finishing touch to the DuraStyle ceramic programme. The entire ceramic range is also available with the easy-clean WonderGliss surface coating.

In principle, all the new series of products are protected with a so-called design patent. Thanks to the open and accessible rim area, the new rimless toilet is much easier to keep clean. The water enters the bowl evenly and powerfully so that the entire interior surface is fully rinsed during the flushing process. As a modern wall-mounted toilet of the 4.5-litre generation, the DuraStyle rimless toilet delivers optimum flushing results, even with small water volumes, and it also saves water.

Additionally, in these rushed times, consumer appreciates overall concepts that encompass every imaginable area of the bathroom. “We offer a holistic and pleasant overall atmosphere. The basis for this is the right blend of attractive designer items, exquisite materials colour and also light. We offer those holistic bathroom concepts, including also light indications for bathroom mirrors and bathroom furniture. Thanks to the long service life of LED lights, Duravit not only meets the highest design requirements but it also makes an important contribution to sustainability.”

Sustainability and water saving products have a very important impact on modern bathrooms, especially in the case of toilets and urinals. In the 1980s, Duravit had already reduced the amount of water consumed by its toilets to six litres as opposed to the nine or more litres that were standard at the time. Added Shah, “Thanks to ongoing research and development, we are today able to offer toilets that flush hygienically using just 4.5 litres or even less water. With Dual-Flush technology, a household of four can save about 17,000 litres of water per year. Another good example is our Architec Dry urinal that operates completely without any water. A hose diaphragm integrated into the outlet opens automatically when urine flows through and then closes again, effectively preventing any odours. Moreover, we run own production sites in all our biggest markets. Beside broader advantages, this local presence ensures short transport distances and thus saves water and energy.”

For Duravit, India is a very important future market. It has a growing lifestyle consumer base due to its healthy economic development and demographic trend of a growing young and working population. India is a sales market that offers a sustainable growth based on a real demand. Therefore, we will keep our focus and extent our activities in this region.

As the population continues to grow, the need of sustainable concepts to protect our ecosystem increases. Thus, sustainability will become more and more important also for the sanitary industry. For Duravit, thinking and acting sustainably means actively taking responsibility. This starts already with the product development where the consideration of environmental impacts is an integral part.

“Over decades, we have been investing consistently in research and development to ensure that we need much less water and energy during the production processes today. Another contribution to sustainability is our focus on using ecological state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, we promote sustainability in bathroom design: Given that the bathroom places the highest demands in longevity, we have been committed to the motto ‘modern but not modish’ since the start of our design strategy. The high performance of the ceramic material underlines this approach.”



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