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Individualistic Zinc & Glass Façade

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The geometric volumes of glazing intercept the dark dense mass of the material to give a sophisticated envelope reminiscent of furniture rather than real estate. The monolithic impression is created by the VMZzinc Quartz cladding on the façade. The material was transformed into small elements that were folded and hollowed out and were installed in strips of varying sizes on approximatel 2000sq.ft of the entire façade. The raised interlocking system of zinc pieces provide subtle shadow reliefs in the facade and combine with the lightness of seamless glass that can be seen from a distance as they glisten in contrast under the shiny morning sun.

The architect paid particular attention to fitting issues and designed each of the modules that cover the façade. Horizontal strips of varying sizes of VMZinc Quartz are separated by a zinc corner bead ensuring the continuity between the hollowed out elements of the modules and those in relief. Special pieces folded at an angle of 90 degree were used to addresss the problem of fitting the zinc to four angles of the building.

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