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Innovative Cooling System range from Danfoss India

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Danfoss Industries Pvt Ltd, an industry leader in energy efficient solutions for refrigeration, HVAC, heavy industries and district energy recently unveiled its six new innovative products from its Cooling Segment. Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India, said, “Danfoss is committed to increasing the momentum of our innovation through active R&D, delivering technologically advanced products & solutions which help in promoting energy efficiency and sustainable development. With our new Cold Chain products, we are also focussing on the government’s goal of providing an integrated vision towards cooling across sectors, encompassing inter alia reduction of cooling demand, refrigerant transition, enhancing energy efficiency and better technology options”.

The Danfoss Intelligent Purging System (IPS) is an automatic, self-contained operating unit that helps remove non-condensable gases in a safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way. This helps maintain an optimum refrigeration capacity and system efficiency, allowing professionals to achieve maximum system performance. With its compact and cost-effective design (with few mechanical and electrical connection interfaces), easy installation and automatic purging functionality, the new Danfoss IPS helps improve the operational safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial refrigeration systems.

The Danfoss Gas Detectors are based on a digital platform that delivers multiple communication and integration options for improved operational reliability, easy calibration and maintenance efficiency, cost effectiveness, and regulatory compliance. The Danfoss Gas Detection Solution provides a high degree of flexibility when designing and building your gas detection system. The portfolio ranges from basic to heavy duty models complemented by a range of accessories. Easy to replace and pre-calibrated sensors for plug and play replacement and service due notifications and information enabling optimized maintenance and planning are among the many features of this product.

The Danfoss Plate Heat Exchanger (semi-welded plate heat exchangers) are optimized for industrial applications such as Condensers, Flooded and Pumped Evaporators, Sub-Coolers, Desuperheaters, Superheaters, Economizers and Oil Coolers. It has a reliable design with operational safety and is easy to configure. design has been verified through thermal and mechanical tests. Furthermore, each semi-welded plate cassette and fully assembled plate heat exchanger are thoroughly leak tested with helium before they leave the Danfoss factory. The product range includes the sizes SW19-SW59, with more to come, and can handle temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 120°C (-40°F up to 248°F) and pressure ranges up to 25 bar (300 psi). The SW19-59 range features excellent heat transfer capabilities via improved thermal performance due to optimized plate geometry supporting high turbulent flow enabling a compact design and supporting lower charge. The new Gasket system improves plate pack stability. The new range is easy to service and maintain

The EKE 400 is an application for industrial refrigeration applications which can control the operation of the valves and the fans for evaporators to achieve optimal cooling mode and defrost sequence for an efficient, safe and trouble-free operation of the evaporators, complying with IIAR1 safety recommendations for hot gas defrost. The EKE 400 controller is a dedicated controller for evaporators typically used in industrial refrigeration applications.  EKE 400 will be able to manage the complete operation in cooling and defrost mode, which means that it can control the operation of the valves and fans for each evaporator and control and optimise defrost sequence and performance. It is applicable for defrosting flooded evaporators including Ammonia and CO2 and supports various defrost methods.

The ICFD is a product specially designed to improve defrost performance and reduce energy consumption. The ICFD Defrost Module is a compact liquid-based drain module packaged into Danfoss’ widely acknowledged ICF valve station. It is a formula that unites the well-known benefits of the Danfoss ICF technology with the most efficient defrost method known into a single state-of-the-art defrost solution for industrial refrigeration applications. Apart from improved defrost performance and reduced energy consumption, the ICFD has a broad application range, improved job site efficiency and an easy system design.

The ICSH 2 Step Solenoid Valve for safe and soft gas injection is a very efficient and common method used within industrial refrigeration. This product exemplifies sound design practices, taking into account the safety risks caused by the slightest shifts in operating conditions. If not controlled carefully, the injection of hot gas into the evaporators may cause hydraulic shocks in the refrigeration system and represent a safety risk. Therefore, it is important to make the hot gas injection in a controlled and smooth way to ensure maximum operation and system safety. Apart from improved safety features, the ICSH 2 Step Solenoid Valve Complies with latest IIAR safety recommendations on soft gas applications, is easy to upgrade and install as it is fully compatible with Danfoss ICV platform, has an easy system design with the Coolselector®2 application tool, and most of all, its compact design is space saving.

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