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Inspecting building insulation, HVAC systems and refridgeration units with thermal imaging

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I already had some experience with thermal imaging cameras because I worked as an industrial maintenance technician in the past, but the thermal imaging cameras I used back then were large,cumbersome and too expensive for a building professional”, Blomgren remembers. “That’s why I never bought a thermal imaging camera, even though I knew that it would be a great asset.” But a few years ago, Blomgren heard about the FLIR i5 thermal imaging camera, an affordable entry model that fell within his budget.

With a resolution of 80×80 pixels and a thermal sensitivity of 0.10 °C the FLIR i5 provides professionals with a thermal imaging solution that is adequate for a large number applications. Together with its similar counterparts the i3 and the i7 it is one of the smallest, lightest and most affordable thermal imaging camera on the market. Designed to be easy to use it requires but basic training to obtain thermal images that will immediately give you the thermal information you need.

Thermal imaging surveys help to sell houses

Blomgren uses his FLIR i5 thermal imaging camera mostly for building inspections. “In Sweden it is required by law to provide documentation of the energy consumption of a house before it is sold to the new owner. This does not necessarily include an energy audit, so in some cases this is just a list of figures that show the energy consumption by the previous owner. But I think it is a good selling point for the house if a proper energy audit is included as well. That is why I started offering that service. And apparently I’m not the only one who thought that such an energy audit would be a good selling point, for many house owners who want to sell their house have already hired me and the amount of requests keeps rising.” According to Blomgren the energy audit service for house sellers is also good promotion. “If you deliver a good service with accurate and reliable results then both the seller and the buyer of the house will be inclined to contact you if there is a building related issue. But that is only if the service you deliver is good. If a house has defects I have not detected during the survey then that is not good for my reputation, so I always make sure that every survey is thorough and accurate.”

Building inspectors have been using FLIR thermal imaging cameras for energy audits for decades, but the investment cost prevented many building and installation companies from buying one. In recent years increasingly affordable models have entered the market. Björn Blomgren of the Nybro, Sweden, based service company Hammarstedts found that FLIR thermal imaging camera was a very versatile tool fitted his requirements.

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