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Intelligence at the Door Advanced Access Control Systems

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Physical security and access control market is experiencing a major shift toward IP-based solutions. Various high-end solutions for intelligent access control are developed and launched every year. John Fenske, Vice President of Product Marketing, HID Global talks about the latest next generation IP-Enabled Platform systems for higher security, increased scalability and superior performance.

The scalability of the controller platforms enables a comprehensive range of future access control functions that are interoperable with wireless locks and deliver enhanced security, such as implementations of highly advanced access rules, keypad door commands and large-scale anti-passback. Additionally, Vertx EVO controllers operate within the company’s Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™).

These components will enable this version and future revisions of the controller platform to operate with fully trusted connections from host to controller to reader, substantially increasing security options for access control systems of the future.

The EDGE EVO and VertX EVO platform components include:

  • EDGE EVO Controllers, Reader/Controllers and IO Modules that enable higher security with an on-board encrypted Hi-O communication bus. EDGE EVO also broadens its worldwide usability of networked access control solutions with the addition of 12/24VDC lock support, mounting options and plug-and-play IO modules that extend IO at and behind the door.
  • VertX EVO V1000 Controller and the V2000 Controller/Reader Interface solutions that expand cardholder capacity, decrease door transaction time and increase door uptime, while offering 100% plug-in compatibility with existing HID Global access control systems and associated V100, V200 and V300 downstream devices.
  • A comprehensive Developer Tool Kit (DTK)for developing to OPIN API when migrating from first generation EDGE and VertX or for new development using the latest platform. The DTK is equipped pre-wired EDGE EVO Controller, VertX EVO V1000 and VertX interface boards and IO switchboard, as well as a full set of documentation.

Case Study

Nanchang Changbei International Airport in China

As one of the busiest airports in China, Nanchang Changbei International Airport manages over 3.3m passengers and 34,000 flights per year. In 2010, Changbei Airport began an expansion project that included a new terminal and a second runway. With a total investment of RMB2.5 billion (US$393 million), objective of the project was to expand in order to accommodate up to 12 million passengers annually by 2020.


Since its completion, the Changbei Airport has become the aviation hub in the Jiangxi Province. With the rapid economic growth in the region coupled with increasing passenger and cargo volume, it was necessary to impose higher security and safety standards for airport personnel. Due to the high volume of airport passengers and the sophisticated organizational structure of airport staff, the security system needed to provide strict access control settings that limit entry to key zones and restricted areas to authorized employees only.

The airport had also introduced a safety management initiative to address these issues and enhance overall operational security. As part of the initiative, the requirements for the access control system included:

  1. Role-based access level settings to limit staff access at key entry points and restricted areas by controlling entry time based on job function.
  2. Central management through a central network platform that connects the control station and affiliated subsystems, enabling real-time monitoring and data management.
  3. A data management system that automatically stores entry records and card access information and generates reports for analysis.
  4. Seamless system integration, where the access control system works with alarm, fire and safety systems as well as CCTV.


HID Global’s VertX® networked access controllers and iCLASS® readers and credentials were deployed at the new Terminal 2 of Changbei Airport. The iCLASS readers located at the gates and entry points are connected to the VertX V1000 controller to read cardholder information, while the V1000 controllers transfer all data to the host computer via TCP/IP for data management. The system addresses the airport’s need to establish access control settings that restrict entry to specific areas based on the time of day; define staff access control levels according to job titles and limit access to critical zones to authorized personnel only.

In total, HID Global controllers and readers are installed in six areas, including gates, internal passageways, ELV system areas, equipment rooms, offices and airport operations facilities. To further enhance safety and prevent unauthorized access with cloned cards, old employee photo ID badges have been replaced with iCLASS photo ID cards, and all employees are required to present their access cards to an iCLASS reader at entry points for identity verification.

The new access control system collects all cardholder information and entry records in real-time, including entry times, location, name and the employee’s department for real-time monitoring and report generation. Results showed that the solution was easy to operate and maintain and has a low failure rate. The airport security has been significantly enhanced with multi-layered access level settings and the iCLASS reader’s data encryption technology, both of which have deterred card cloning.

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