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Intelligent Building Controls

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Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG, a 100 year old company founded in Germany specializes in electrical systems & automation. With a wide network of own-subsidiaries and representative agencies all over the world, Jung has established itself on an international scale. Nischal Saxena, Director of Yung Energy efficiency & Controls Pvt. Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of the company briefs Buildotech about the latest intelligent automation products and the industry scenario in India.

Growth of the home automation segment

The trend for home automation began in India more than a decade ago and there were mostly standalone products available for various automation functions. Over a period of time, with growing demand for energy-efficient systems, the manufacturers started offering advanced solutions that could configure the energy loads and consumed less power. However, the automation was still limited to lighting products with new products mainly comprising eco-friendly lights like CFLs & LEDs and switches and dimmers. It’s only about four to five years back that the awareness about the scope and strengths of integrated automation systems has increased among the building owners. The clients now realize the potential of the new systems available that can control and mange everything from lighting and heating and cooling to security and entertainment devices with a single electronic device such as a touch-screen, a PC or a mobile phone.

Also, till now automation products being offered by companies were proprietary systems, not compatible with other manufacturers products and systems. Thus, the consumer was bound by the parameters of a particular product company and had limited up gradation options. With the advent of open platform systems like KNX, multiple gadgets can be interfaced and controlled via single communication network to provide an integrated and easily adaptable smart building solution. Such systems are even more essential for infrastructure buildings like airports, commercial complexes and corporate office buildings.

Jung is one of the founder company of KNX, a worldwide standard for home and building control systems. The standard has been adopted by almost 400 international manufacturers who together provide a vast array of KNX-certified products. The Jung intelligent building automation system includes the networking of components over KNX which is the only bus system that meets the demands of the European (EN50090) and international (ISO/IEC 14543) norms for home automation.

The Indian automation market

Currently, the major companies providing home automation solutions in India are electrical and lighting product companies for whom automation products is one of the segments of the entire portfolio. In contrast, Jung is completely focused on the building automation sector. Our portfolio includes switches, socket outlets, dimmer and observers, innovative systems for controlling lighting, blind or temperature control to wireless and KNX technologies, door communication, and multimedia control. The range of products and applications, in addition to comfort and security, also provide cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

The Indian market is flooded with Chinese made products. There are many foreign manufacturers in India, whose products are also manufactured in China. Jung is the only company that offers consumers completely ‘Made in Germany’ products. The company’s manufacturing plants are all situated in Germany.

Company marketing strategy in India

Jung entered Indian market four years ago. The increasing upwardly-mobile mid-segment and luxury housing projects are the main drivers for growing demand for home automation in India. The consumer of this segment shows clear preference for products that offer advanced technology, sophisticated design features and efficient installation and servicing. Thus, Jung focus is on providing high quality products and interoperable technology that has been thoroughly tested and certified to operate seamlessly together. This results in almost negligible after sales service and as we rely on client referrals for new projects, the company lays great emphasis on client satisfaction. This is our core marketing strategy.

The high end products marketing is based on references and fewer yet successful installations means more clients. That is how the market in this segment is evolving. In addition, we are educating the architects and electrical installers so that they can specify the right product at the right place. Currently, we have offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, resident engineers in cities like Kochi, Ludhiana and Pune and dedicated franchisee & exclusive system integrators like we have in Kolkata who work exclusively for Jung.

As of now, we have completed 50 projects in India and about 150 projects are under installation. Some of the major projects include Ratan Tata residence in Mumbai, Bangalore airport, Forum Projects, 84 units sky villas project in Kolkata, Lodha developer’s residential towers, and 7-star Ritz Carlton hotel in Bangalore among many others across the country.

Jung innovative products available in India

The home automation components that speak the same language can operate together across the same network, resulting in much less cabling and higher functionality. To educated home owners as well as professionals about the same and help the experience how the systems work and products feel, we have developed five studios across various cities called the Experience Centers.

The products range from simple solutions like switches and controls in traditional and modern designs to provide a coherent looking interiors to smart building controls with the future-proof KNX system. Individual and central network operation regulate lighting, climate, blinds/shutters, security and multimedia completely in accordance with the individual requirements to reduce costs and protect the environment.

Jung products can help increase the level of comfort and convenience by simply replacing the existing switches and sockets with radio controlled solutions for lighting, blinds and temperature, Smart IP control or the universal room control device that operates by touch. In addition, KNX Multiroom AMP provides audio controls as a central audio station for the entire house and Facility Pilot Server touch screen display acts as central control point and gateway to other systems. The user interfaces for mobile devices can be created with elements of Jung Graphic User Interface (GUI) to offer connectivity with home or office from a remote location.

The technical support and services offered for the projects

The home automation companies should be brought in by the architects at the project designing stage to help add value to their design and discuss ways with electric consultants to save on wiring & cabling as also integration of systems to save energy. Creating awareness among the professionals, owners as well as consultants is critical in correct installation of the product. The home automation products do not require any servicing if rightly installed. The only assistance homeowners generally need is in getting familiar with the applications to fully utilize the functionality of the system.

The sector is fast growing at a rate of 20% which is creating a shortage of skilled workers in the field. As automation companies cannot afford to have dedicated staff for each project, partnerships with channel partners and system integrators is the only way forward for the industry to provide client support. Jung’s technical support is available in top 10 cities of India. The technicians are trained in KNX training centre in Delhi. The seven day course is conducted by expert team from Brussels that conducts tests and gives global certification. These certified partners are mentioned on the website of the company with contact details.


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