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Intelligent automation – Solutions for energy savings

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Panasonic Full-2 Way is the only integrated system that involves no complex wiring and offers effective lighting control using pulse signals, assisting in maximizing the power savings for large and small establishments. This system can assist in creating a cost effective lighting control, with power-savings and added user friendliness. It can effectively serve the power saving needs of commercial spaces and the hospitality industry alike. Optimum lighting control can be achieved through centralized control and monitoring of lighting, using timer and sensor control. It also offers added flexibility of changing the lighting control quickly in case of a change in the layout of the space.

Most of the common wiring systems use about 8-9 power lines for centralized lighting control. Full-2 Way simplifies the wiring process making use of just two 24V signal wires and still effectively controls lights of small, medium and large establishments alike.

When power-savings have assumed a priority for green buildings as well as reducing maintenance costs for the establishments, it is imperative for the automation systems to be flexible enough, so that they can modify or change the lighting control as per their need. Full-2 Way realizes this by offering three base level controls.

Imagining just one lighting operator for a multi-storied building is no more a distant dream. Full-2 Way offers individual lighting control through which a person can monitor and control lighting of such a space from one place or more. It also offers a group control where in the system can switch off lights of an entire section at once and this can be programmed even after the wiring is done. The group control can work effectively for public spaces lighting, for example corridors and staircases for hotels, hospitals, lobbies and parking lots, operation theaters and conference rooms. Full-2 Way also incorporates Pattern Control by which the system can be programmed to match the schedules or habits. For example, switching off the lights at closing time for museums and art galleries, theaters, multiplexes and stadiums.

The system can effectively maximize the power savings using additional enhancements. These include Centralized monitoring & control with Timer, Passive Infrared Sensor Control, Daylight Sensor Control & Dimmer control, Timer Control and Wireless control.

The Centralized monitoring and control can control up to 256 circuits per system from one control room and making use of the timer control one is able to automatically switch the lights off. By installing Passive Infrared Sensors in the Restrooms and Lobbies of hotels and hospitals the lights can be switched on and off with the movement detection. The Daylight sensor controls lights to the brightness of daylight from outside. The remote control with wireless switch and receiver can effectively control lighting and equipments in places such as auditoriums, conference rooms, etc.

Full-2 Way thus intelligently controls lighting of the premises and the latest enhancement includes use of touch screen panel. The system thus offers the flexibility to use either the touch screen panel or the automation keypads for lighting control. A sure watch-out product at IGBC-2012!

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