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Interiors:A Living Workspace

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The 200sqm office area required two individual workspaces designed individually over a period of time. While, one of the offices demanded an exuberant and functional working environment, an open and spacious platform was also required that would encourage collaborative interaction between the employees.

Our interiors concept aimed at keeping the design intent consistent so that the distinct work areas spoke the same design language. And, in sync with the client briefing, transparency and democracy became the dominant design factor. The basic design concept started with dynamic lateral thoughts and the vision of designing ‘a living’ space”.






The formal meeting room was conceived as a glass box that is cantilevered, and seems to be floating in air – a gesture to keep it disjointed from the otherwise open office layout. Its ‘high and lit’ visibility from the outside passage makes it the ‘highlight’ of the office space. Another ‘thinking’ space is the informal meeting room that is cantilevered, but opaque in nature to ensure privacy and help occupants focus.

The work stations are unique in their construction as the typical ‘wood base-glass top’ ideology has been reversed. This makes the wooden table tops seem to be floating. In fact, the strategic use of glass in all the design elements across the office space has helped to increase the perception of openness.

To add freshness and vibrancy, an island of palm trees was introduced with a mirror as a backdrop to create multiple reflections. The green patch also serves the purpose of an acoustical and semi visual barrier and connects with Vestergaard’s adjacent office spaces. Once completed, the coordinated yet individualistic spaces from the furniture to the finishes, gave a sense of continuity and understanding of the Vestergaard identity and philosophy. The float, the glass, the artwork of African workshops and the vibrant blue frames all added up to help convert this workplace into an energetic workspace.









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