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Interview:Turnkey Solutions for Doors & Windows

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Edelstein Bausysteme Pvt Ltd is a Company promoted and managed by Professionals having over three decades of experience in the Indian Building Industry. Edelstein offers technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing Door and Window Operating Systems, ensuring convenience, safety and security in a Building. The company’s comprehensive and exhaustive range of products can offer Systems and Solutions in areas of Door & Window Hardware, Automatic Door &Window Operating Systems, Safety, Security & Access Control Systems, Architectural Glass Systems and Natural Smoke & Heat Ventilation Systems. Edelstein range of products is of International Standard and comes from reputed manufacturers across the globe. Mr. David Gayen, Managing Director, Edelstein Bausysteme Pvt. Ltd., speaks to Buildotech about the special features of Systems and Solutions offered by the company. Gayen has over three decades of experience in the Building Industry. His experience with three major International companies specializing in Building Products and Systems has helped to specialize in areas of providing valuable inputs with regards to customized solutions around Doors and Window Operating Systems.

Edelstein provides total door and window solutions and not products

Edelstein provides customized solutions based on the functions of doors and windows. Every opening in a building whether a door, window, ventilator or a skylight has specific purpose for which it has been planned for. These openings, based on the intended purpose, have two distinct characteristics, one the physical characteristic and the other functional. Edelstein provides systems for the functional characteristics of the openings which generally consist of basic hardware fittings integrated with other operating devices and incorporated with required safety and security functions.

Building safety & security is the main feature of your systems. How are they achieved?

The systems are designed based on the specific needs of the customer. They are drawn up, after consultation, by integrating various aspects of his specific requirement and packaged into a solution for implementation. Thus a customized solution for any customer can easily be drawn up from the exhaustive range of Edelstein products and systems.

The various areas of solution being offered…

As I had mentioned earlier, Edelstein specializes in providing customized solutions around Door and Window Operating Systems. The various areas of solutions can be grouped around Door Hardware & Door Control Systems, Emergency Exit Systems, Automatic Sliding, Swing and Revolving Door Systems, Glass Partition, Railing & Façade Systems, Security & Access Control Systems, Natural Smoke & Heat Ventilation Systems, Window Hardware and Automatic Window Opening Systems.

While providing tailor made solutions of international quality and specification, how do you factor for competitive costing?

I would once again like to emphasize that Edelstein is a solution providing company and not a supplier or distributor of products. In any solution provided by us, products are selected on the basis of the function required by the customer and then packaged together to form a solution.

Edelstein Solutions are designed as per international standards and therefore, we will always be competitive when compared to similar solutions from any other player in the market.

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