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Inverter Air-conditioners

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Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltd has introduced the Inverter AC range to help consumers in Maharashtra to cut down on their electricity. Promising savings upto 30% of the monthly power bills, the Inverter AC range is an endeavour to counter the 30% increase in power tariffs of Maharashtra, and thus help sustain the domestic power needs while bringing an answer to the impending power crisis in the state.

This Inverter AC run on the Reluctance DC Inverter Power Control technology featuring the Reluctance DC compressor motor combining in with a DC fan motor which helps achieve High COPs. The unit also includes a High-Tech energy saving package which is completed by Daikin’s advanced swing compressor and PAM control, which help achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. Consuming 30-50% less electricity for the same amount of cooling compared to traditional ACs by adjusting the speed of the compressor to control the gas flow rate, the range of Inverter ACs helps lessen energy consumption and negate temperature fluctuations, thus returning higher energy efficiency to the consumers. It also includes benefits like comfortable cooling, quiet operation as low as 22dB and longer piping length for flexible installation. The range brings in features like vertical and horizontal auto swing, wide angle louvers, 3-D airflow for better air throw, intelligent eye technology, home leave operation, Titanium apatite photo catalytic air – purifying filter and self-diagnosis with digital display, which are industry-firsts in the category.

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