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ISHRAE conducts Seminar on Green Engineering

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Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers organized Harit-Jal-Vaayu on August 4,  in  Mumbai. The seminar focussed on the seismic advancements in the practices adopted to promote green practices, sustainability, conservation of resources, energy & water efficient practices and innovative technologies to improve indoor environmental quality. The essence of the seminar was to understand and generate awareness in the industry and the society at large about some of the best green practices available. It is integral to con serve natural resources which is the need of the hour, managing plans for natural resources and physical planning documents for nature protection measures and requirements. These include review of protected natural assets, ecologically important areas and particularly valuable landscapes, and guidelines for their protection and conservation.

Advocating the importance of natural resources, recycling and reusing materials alongside employing energy efficient equipment is the key to organic sustenance. The seminar  highlighted the importance of the efficient use of resources such as energy, water, and other natural resources and how it translates in facilitating health and improving quality of life. Other aspects of green engineering also encompass reduction of waste, minimizing pollution and environmental degradation.

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