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Johnson Controls- Controlling building’s efficiency and productivity Johnson

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Headquartered in the U.S, Johnson Controls is a leading provider of building technology, products and solution and has helped buildings and facilities worldwide increase their energy efficiency and lower operating costs. These include some the world’s most iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa and Shanghai World Financial Centre. In 2015, Johnson Controls entered into a joint venture with Hitachi Air conditioning, strengthening its HVAC&R business. With the completion of the merger with Tyco earlier this year, the company has further strengthened its position as a leader in building technology and energy solutions. Mangala Chandran caught up with Shrikant Bapat – Country General Manager & Managing Director, Corporate India Building Efficiency and Larry Kouma – Applications Chiller Solutions, Global Director Johnson Controls, YORK, Pennsylvania, recently.

Johnson Controls is known for its wide portfolio of HVAC & R product and solutions for efficient buildings. You may like to elaborate on the company’s different product offerings.

Bapat: Johnson Controls is a global conglomerate operating in more than 150 countries. In India, we have two businesses: Amaron Batteries India, a joint venture with Amara Raja, which specializes in automotive batteries; and Building Efficiency which offers all the solutions for systems/products that go into making a building – air conditioning/air quality, water, electricity, lighting, security and other systems within buildings which need to be controlled.

We cover the entire building. In fact, we have implemented Smart Controls in our India Engineering Centre building in Mumbai. When an employee checks into the office using their access card, the lights and the AC at his workplace will automatically be switched on. When he checks out of the office, the same systems will also be switched off automatically.

We have our air distribution equipment being manufactured in India. We have six factories for that. And for HVAC, the joint venture of Johnson controls and Hitachi has a huge factory in Kadi in Gujarat. We have a lot of localized products and we are going to expand on that. We are also going to expanded manufacturing for mini chillers. We have the India Engineering Centers in Pune and Mumbai which are quite interesting.

– Shrikant Bapat

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