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Johnson Lifts completes-50years

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Today, in vertical transportation, Johnson’s market share is an industry leading 20%. Among other awards, the company has received the IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj national Quality Award for manufacturing excellence. In 2012, Johnson joined with Toshiba Elevator & Building System Corporation to form Toshiba Johnson Elevator India Limited. The objective is to deliver world class technology to India and the company is poised to capture the emerging market for very tall buildings in India. Johnson has been the chosen elevator and Escalator Company for five Metro Rails in the country, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur and Gurgaon. Among large orders of Johnson are the Chennai Metro Rail Ltd order for 315 escalators and 125 elevators. This is the single largest order for escalators in the country.

Last year, Johnson’s turnover scorched past Rs. 10000 million. Johnson has also completed all works at India’s largest operational mall – The Mantri Mall at Bengaluru which houses 26 escalators, 17 elevators and 14 travelators. Currently, they have over 30,000 units under Annual Maintenance Contract all over the country.

Manufacturing Capacity

44000sqm is the total built-up area of Johnson elevator factories. Today, Johnson has unsurpassed manufacturing capacity in the country. It has two full fledged factories strategically located in Nagpur and Chennai with a combined capacity of over 8000 units/annum. The factories have skilled manpower and good R&D division.

In Chennai is located the 10,000sqmt Johnson escalator factory. The technology is from world leader in the field, SJEC of China which has a full range of products, from commercial to heavy duty public service escalators. SJEC products can be seen in the finest buildings across Europe and America. In February 2010, the first indigenously manufactured escalator rolled out of Johnson. To date, Johnson has supplied over 400 commercial escalators sporting the ‘Made in India’ label.


Johnson is dedicated to being a technology leader in every niche of vertical transportation. For years now Johnson had Evergreen, an eco-friendly product with power saving Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive and built-in rescue device which has made VVVF technology affordable for the domestic segment. Recently, it introduced Nextra – “Gearless lifts for greener buildings”, which is driven by a state-of-the-art gearless motor. The eco-friendly elevator combines VVVF with earth permanent magnet motor.

The rare earth permanent magnet material of the gearless motor increases efficiency around 80% by reducing start up current and generates less heat and greater mechanical efficiency of motor as it runs at a lower rpm. The VVF control also ensures energy savings and creates comfortable ride quality with jerk-free starts and stops, smooth acceleration and deceleration and no landing variations. In the long run, this prevents wear and tear of components, which means less downtime and huge savings on spares. Also, the speed control works with closed loop feedback from the encoder to ensure safe and very smooth travel.

In addition to the energy advantage, Nextra’s gearless motor requires no lubrication and zero maintenance which means no pollution. The motor with only one moving part and the bearings completely sealed generates higher lift traveling speeds at much lower motor speed. All this adds up to trouble-free, smooth operation and long working life. Nextra, advanced features like adjustable independent times for opening and closing and slow-nudging feature are ideal for high traffic situations.

Johnson Lifts another product Sukranti – “Lift minus machine room” is an expression of freedom as one can now design tall buildings without the mandatory machine room sticking out on top. The, Sukranti controllers are inset on either side of the door on the top-floor landing.

The elevator is designed especially for high-rise buildings with rare earth permanent magnet motor and VVVF drive to ensure 50% energy savings and super-comfortable ride quality. It offers advanced features like VVVF door controller and curtain of 154 infra red beams to prevent accidental closing of the door. Moreover, the lack of a projecting machine room means the cost of construction comes down and its access from the side means safer servicing conditions for the repairman.


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