Wednesday , December 7 2022

Kinetic Art

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The cosy and exuberant M Bar and Kitchen in Kolkata flaunts a number of surface textures. Ruchika Grover – Director, Business & Design Development at Odyssey, stone design & architecture firm, explains how combining stone art forms with technology gave the place a unique character and vibrancy.

Located in the hub of the city of joy, the place stands out among the clutter of rest-bars. The distinguishing features are its flamboyant bar and dining areas livened with the electric vibe of the lights in-built in the walls to change colours in sync with the music.

The 30 feet long bar is cladded with the dishevelled stone from the Kinetic Collection by Odyssey. Carved in dark grey granite, the undulated surface gives a sculptural form to the bar. The perforated stone cladding is further enhanced with back lighting with the RGB mood lights pulsating with the music.

The Kinetic collection from Odyssey explores ‘energy in motion’, adding life to natural stone. Each pattern in the collection appears to be moving and provides the surface with a three-dimensional effect. The play of shadow on stone, coupled with an appearance of movement, adds life to the expression of natural stone and creates a collection of one-of-a-kind surfaces.

The rear wall is cladded with curved corners creating drama. The wall has been carved in six inch stone, which seems as thin as paper because of its three dimensional
shape. The stone is placed in a pattern on the wall which has apertures. The entrance is cladded with natural split boulders, which have been extracted directly from the quarry.

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