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Kirloskar Chillers on Global Scale

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Kirloskar Chillers, a part of the Kirloskar Group is the only Indian chiller manufacturer to manufacture both the technologies — centrifugal & screw under one roof. It now offers centrifugal chillers with the brand name ‘TURBOTEKTM’ and screw chillers under the brand names ‘PRODIGYTM’ & ‘BRAVURATM’.

TURBOTEKTM Centrifugal chillers – Cooling capacity of the chillers ranges from nominal 250TR to 2,400TR, with the eco-friendly HFC134a refrigerant option. Unloading takes place up to 10% of full load capacity. The product range is available in various voltage options – 415V, 3.3kV, 6.6kV & 11kV. It also comes with the dual compressor option which offers excellent part load efficiency, inherent redundancies, smaller footprint, lower installation costs.

Prodigy series is with twin screw & Bravura is with mono screw. Cooling capacity of the chillers ranges from nominal 40TR to 555TR, available in ‘air cooled’ & ‘water cooled’, using HFC134a & HFC407C refrigerants.

Both centrifugal & screw chillers are equipped with microprocessor based ‘K-smart’ controller, which is compatible to interface with any BMS/BAS over various protocols, viz. MODBUS, BACnet, LonWorks.

Apart from standard chiller products, the company also offers various heat recovery options–

  • Desuperheater– Partial heat recovery. Generation of hot water upto 500C. Proven utility in Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Textile industry.
  • Reverse Cycle Heat Pump – Operates as normal chiller at the time of cooling requirements and also works as heater in low ambient conditions. More suitable for low ambient condition applications.
  • Heat Pump – Total heat recovery. Most economical method to generate hot water up to 650C over by burning fuel. Generally coupled with condenser of chiller, thus further improves cooling efficiency.

Kirloskar Chillers is the first Indian chiller manufacturing company to have installed AHRI test bed in 2008. The complete range of water cooled chillers qualifies for the AHRI 500/590 certification program. The innovative and energy efficient products help project owners meet LEED requirements.

Kirloskar Chillers offers several features – comfort cooling applications, Process cooling applications and Data center cooling applications to suit the requirements of different set of customers from market segments. The products are widely accepted in Indian, Middle East, European, South East Asian and Australia-New Zealand markets.


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