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Kitchen trends 2013

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One of the areas of home interiors that has changed and is still undergoing changes is the kitchen. The modern kitchen is designed in tune to the busy routine of today and acts as hub of family life, serving as a cozy dining area and a place of gathering. In addition, environment conscious homeowners are asking for ways to avoid ecological wastefulness and be more energy-efficient in all areas of their home design.

Built-in Appliances

As far as appliances go, cook tops are still popular with separate double ovens installed into a wall or in tall cabinets. Energy efficient appliances are high in demand. Microwaves that are mounted above the counter are back in style. Mounting your microwave above the counter frees up much needed counter space. White and off white are no more in vogue. Wood paneling, stainless steel and black are the popular appliance style trends. Induction cook tops are growing in popularity along with the addition of indoor infrared grills. Industrial exhaust hoods too are much in demand.

Island Kitchen

Kitchen has become the most important area in a home and is frequently used for a number of purposes. That is why homeowners want a kitchen that is stylish and boasts a warm, inviting atmosphere but is also practical and easy to maintain. Island kitchen concept gives an additional storage and added working counter space as well makes the kitchen look stylish, modern, and classy. Island concept can be customized as per adequate space available in a kitchen. Also, there are many different finishes and designs available to fulfill the design & functional requirement simultaneously.

Led Lights

Kitchen lighting is changing. The trend for kitchen lighting is track lighting, pendant lighting and under counter LED lighting. Under counter LED lighting provides a more clean light that is energy efficient and unseen. Pendant lighting can be offset in different lengths to bring light at different levels. Track lighting is adjustable to put light right where you need it while you’re preparing a meal. Additionally, consumers are looking for more energy efficient lighting options. A great way to improve energy efficiency and realize savings in a kitchen is by using compact florescent bulbs. They last ten times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, use two-thirds less energy and provide the same amount of light output. CFL bulbs generate 70% less heat that can reduce energy costs associated with cooling the home.

Flooring Trend

Beauty and functional qualities go together for a kitchen floor. The new age kitchen is the centerpiece of the house where family gathers and guest are entertained. A kitchen floor is thus exposed to a lot of traffic and cleanliness demand. Selecting a floor with a functional value in sync with the existing décor scheme of the house and kitchen style is an affordable way of making a style statement.


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