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Kitchen Trends & Innovations

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Gone are the days when kitchen was the intimate and messy area of the home. It has now become the new recreational zone for families.Speaking to Buildotech, Roopesh Gupta, CEO of P3 Architectural Solutions and Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director,Carysil elaborate on the changing face of the kitchen space, its interiors and the growing market for innovative products.

Kitchen emerging as a family area

Gupta: As the numbers of nuclear families are increasing,the concept of studio homes are becoming acceptable. For such homes, the kitchen and living area are merging in a way that is definitely speaking a design evolution. Kitchen cum dining & living spaces are finding the right balance of décorand multi-functionality to create a charming ambiance. Creative lighting’s play a major role to set the mood right.

Parekh: The aesthetically designed premium kitchen appliances that are convenient and multi-faceted have made kitchen a designer space worth flaunting. Plus, there are always fun décor additions that help make it an extension of the dining area to entertain guests.

The rising popularity of modular kitchens

Gupta: The major reasons behind the rising popularity of modular kitchen are that these kitchens are extremely customized. They are made up of highly durable materials & woods which are the most trending material used to design a modular kitchen. Advantages of wooden kitchen décor are that it is extremely easy to maintain for years and it also offers multi-storage spaces. By application of  natural oil, one can maintain the hygiene level easily.The drawers and unit flaps can also be opened and closed by mere touch.

Parekh: Modular kitchens save as well as optimize the space available. They blend aesthetics and smart, time-saving convenience and can makes a small kitchen area appear spacious. Moreover, thestack of cabinets that are put together in a planned manner, make the kitchen tasks easier making the modular planning a popular among homeowners.

Kitchen design leaning towards contemporary designs

Gupta: Kitchen areas till now had more or less the similar layout in each and every house. Innovative and creative kitchen designs are now being introduced by the designers which match specific requirements of the consumers and their lifestyle.Geometrical designs are popular in contemporary kitchens with layouts in all kinds of shapes other than the regular rectangle to provide a unique feeling.

Parekh: In metros and semi metros where people mostly stay in apartments with limited available spaces,the organized and modular look help make the spaces seamless that easily integrate with the overall décor of the house. Therefore, the homeowner’s preference is shifting towards a very contemporary, neat and modern design.

The material trends for kitchens

Gupta: A new trend in modular kitchens is the use of rich solid wood. There are plenty of options to choose the type of wood like alder, beech,beech heartwood, maple, oak, cherry, walnut, etc.There are also options to have glass surfaces in the kitchen which are available in different colours as per consumer’s choice. The carcass, drawers, unit flaps,etc can be made entirely of natural living wood from 200 years old sustainable forests. The crisscross three layers technology used by Team 7, an Austrian brands with one of the best seasoned wood from Austria is-one of the materials that ensures stability and prevents warping of the wood.

Parekh: For a premium looking space, it is important to pay attention to materials used for counter tops, cabinet sand back splashes etc, apart from incorporating modern appliances. For counter tops, quartz, wood, granite and metal are taking the lead, while wood, laminate, stainless steel and acrylic are reigning supreme this season as far as cabinets are concerned. Though the built in appliances including the designer chimney and hobs are still preferred in Stainless Steel finish.

When it comes to kitchen back splashes, the customer is literally spoilt for choice. The tiles are great and what enhances their functionality is the fact that they can be worked on with any material.Copper tile, ceramic tile,glass tile, chalk board paint,limestone, tumble stone,river rock are just some of the materials making the back splashes the focal point of modern kitchens.

The design options for cabinetry

Gupta: Wooden cabinets are highly in demand. Alder,beech, beech heartwood,maple, oak, cherry, walnut,etc. are usually better quality of woods through which strong and durable cabinets can be made and sustained for years down the generation. Woods are selected on the basis of consumer’s preferences depending on its colour, design, quality, durability, etc. Handle less drawers, doors and unit flaps makes it convenient to open with the merest touch and close gently with the cushioned self-closure.

Parekh: The kitchen cabinets in shades of white are enduring and versatile. Customized drawers help maintain a clutter free kitchen whereas glass-front cabinet door scan give you a break from the conventional wall-to-wall cabinetry and create display space for ceramic dishes and glassware. Gone are the days when cabinets were unadorned boxes. Today carvings, cutouts, and moldings add emphasis and drama.

The right kitchen cabinetry can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and style. Often regarded as the body of a modular kitchen, they cannot be ignored. While picking one, keep in mind factors like durability, water-resistance and aesthetics. Pre-laminated particle board, Marine ply, natural wood, Wood-plastic composite, Decorative laminates and Veneers can easily elevate the look.

Gupta: Hardware plays a very relevant role in any kitchen. Hence it is necessary to use the best hardware for your kitchen. Cabinets and drawers with shutters that open and shut on mere touch, extendable kitchens and lift up and pull down kitchen platform are some of the latest hardware options for modern kitchens.

The challenges & potential of modular kitchen market

Parekh: Hardware is often overlooked while modifying a kitchen but surprisingly, it has the power to completely revamp the look of the kitchen space – both the interior as well as the exterior. Knobs, pulls, hooks, knockers,handles and other metal flourishes all come under this vast category, but few pause to think what’s best suited to their need and style quotient.

Gupta: With changing life style patterns, the requirements and demand of having a comfortable yet trendy kitchen area is emerging. Modular kitchen is at its initial level and growing in the Indian market.People are slowly realizing the advantages of having a well – designed kitchen. The challenges include the Indian mentality and habits of having old kitchen which tends to connect them with their old memories. Price is another factor which is a drawback for the Indian market.

Parekh: Today people have more disposable income and they want to have a contemporary lifestyle. People are ready to invest in the best brands available in terms of modular, chimneys, hobs, built-in ovens, microwaves,dishwashers, wine coolers, ice-cube makers, built-in barbeque, deep fryers, etc. Initially, it was quite challenging to look for appliances that would suit the Indian conditions and consumer tastes. But, with time, the business has evolved beyond the traditional model of selling modular kitchens through small unorganized dealers or retailers to employing modern retail channels for selling products to end-users. No wonder 2018 will witness the Modular Kitchen Market in India reaching an estimated US$2.17 billion, while growing at a CAGR of almost 43%.

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