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Kone’s TravelMaster escalator solution

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Kone, an innovative elevator and escalator company, has, introduced its new TravelMaster (TM) 110 escalator. The product is designed to cut both the operational costs and carbon footprint of a building, to ensure the highest levels of passenger safety, and provide the best possible passenger experience in demanding commercial environments. It is 20% more efficient than conventional worm-gear solutions. It also includes a new direct drive handrail, eco-efficient inverter, and smart operational modes, all of which help to minimize overall energy consumption under the highly variable traffic conditions typical of busy public environments such as retail centers and transit hubs.

This low-maintenance solution runs along the entire length of the escalator’s skirt, immediately stopping the escalator when an obstruction is detected between the skirt and steps. The offering provides a range of new traffic light guidance options which, when combined with innovative textured and patterned cladding finishes, can turn escalators into an attractive architectural element.

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