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Let there be light

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Village Morabandar, a remote hamlet of about 30 homes on Gharapuri Island within the heart of Mumbai received the gift of light from MMRDA on December 20, 2010. The initiative of providing Solar LED lighting has been undertaken by MMRDA with support from the Science and Technology Park (STP), University of Pune and Solar-Gem, Australia. Launched by Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA Ratnakar Gaikwad, the initiative includes a unique solar energy home lighting solution in which the lights will work even if there is a complete cloud cover for almost five days.

The core technology for the solution has been developed by Dr Peter Beadle and Khimji of Sydney based Solar-Gem. STP has acquired a company, JT&T Green Energy Pvt Ltd, in Pune to manufacture the system in India both for the local as well as global market. The Morabandar initiative has been supported by the Australian and New South Wale’s Government.

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