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Light Weight Chairs

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Steelcase, a leading manufacturer of office furniture and innovative workplace solutions, has launched its flagship product “LessThanFive” chair. It blends three crucial elements — Design, Functionality and Materiality — which translate into visual appeal, flexibility and comfort that allowing users to easily reconfigure their workplace surroundings. With this new launch, Steelcase has defined the approach of modern craft by transforming a utilitarian object into an expression of beauty and humanity which is clearly, innovative, and efficient.

Key Features

Designed by Steelcase and British designer Michael Young, the new chair encourages collaborative spaces and is adaptable for varied work environments. The light weight technology integrated with sleek design provides comfort and foster social connection amidst employees.

It is fabricated entirely from carbon fibre – one of the strongest and lightest materials available in today’s world of engineering and design. The chair weighing less than 2.3kg (five pounds), can support 136kgs. About four chairs can be stacked providing storage convenience.

The chair can be customised and is available in six different standard finishes including Matte Blue, Red Fade, Light Fade, Dark Fade, Copper Gloss, and Carbon Weave.

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