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Lightweight Aluminium Formwork

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System Formwork is an improvised version from the earlier one, which was carried out by the carpenter using wood and nail. Aluminum formwork is a boon to the construction industry. The increase in concrete construction necessitated to use large form assemblies to be handled by mechanical means and this led to the development of lightweight aluminum forms. This system can be easily applied to load bearing walls, column, beam, and slab construction. Customized aluminum panels can be designed to fulfill architectural details hence achieving any kind of design.

The Simplicity of the system enables unskilled labor to be used. It is lightweight; hence the labor component comes down, minimizing the need for heavy lifting equipment. The panels are held in position by simple pin and wedge system that passes through holes on the rib of each panel. The erection is manual and need no tower cranes.

The concrete surface finishes produced with these forms are of high quality. The door and window jambs are in straight line. With this high degree of precision door and window frames can be prefabricated and directly installed at the site which results in saving on the time .The high quality finish leaves no deflection, creating evenness eventually adding style and stability. Compared to conventional construction procedures, this reduces floor completion cycle from 15 days to 4-5 days hence this system can be used in high rise buildings easily. Worker can safely work on it due to lighter weight panel; lesser manual labor reduces labor expense. Post construction cost is reduced due to excellent concrete construction quality. It can be used repeatedly without it getting rusted.


• Saving on overhead expenses due to speedy construction
• Crack Free Structures
• Doesn’t require skilled labor
• Earth quake resistant.
• 100% recyclable

Saroj Kumar Jha
Deputy General Manager
B L Kashyap & Sons Limited

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