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Lightweight Architecture

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Serge Ferrari Group, established in 1973 by Serge Ferrari in La Tour Du Pin, Lyon, France is the manufacturer of flexible composite materials. Arun Madappallath, Country Manager – South Asia, Serge Ferrari briefs on Company’s products and technologies.

Ferrari background and global presence

Serge Ferrari designs, manufactures and distributes products that meet the technical requirements of a wide range of applications, for architecture, advanced materials, as well as products suitable for the consumer market. It is present all over the world either directly or through distribution network. The company works globally towards a sustainable future working with all industries to support sustainable construction, energy conservation, recycling and regeneration of resources and prevent any negative impact on the environment.

What are the USPs of Ferrari’s products?

The company products are used in building industry – architecture: – micro climatic facades, in tensile roofs, for solar protection, acoustic solutions and modular structures tents. Other applications include membranes for Biogas covering/ safety & security applications/ high tech membranes for military applications/ furniture and yachting applications.

Serge Ferrari membrane is suitable for all tropical climatic conditions and proven worldwide. The distinct feature of the products is the innovative Pre contraint Technology used in the manufacturing. Base material of the fabric is HT PET (High Tenacity Polyester Yarn) Pre contraint composite materials are tensioned in both directions (Warp/ Weft) during the coating process. This ensures high dimensional stability, low elongation under load, low residual elongation and uniform biaxial behavior in both directions, requiring no periodic re-tensioning.

Please elaborate on the micro climatic façade

One of the very innovative and new applications is the micro climatic facades. The advantage of using an exterior skin of membrane as a facade is the tremendous amount of energy savings that can be achieved. This is due to the very high level of technical solar protection properties of the membranes. Simultaneously, it does not cut off natural light penetration thereby also saving lighting energy costs during daytime. On the creative side, microclimaticLightweight ArchitectureTCS, ChennaiTTECHNOLOGY facade gives the architect the freedom to design 3D forms, play with lighting effects and achieve dramatic results, which no other material will be able to provide.

The future potential for this innovative technology

Serge Ferrari has always been a leader in development of new technological products and our innovation in the composite coated membranes industry is the introduction of PRECONTRAINT TX30 with DESIGN LIFE 30 years ++

The technological breakthrough in n-house development is – CROSS LINK PVDF TOP COAT with a scientific back up Accelerated Weathering Protocol established by Photo Oxidation Specialists

TX 30 = CROSSLINK PVDF FORMULA (The Crosslink formulation creates irreversible bond between molecular chains. We express it in the form of a tridimensional network like Tri Di beam as an analogy to the building industry, as opposed to the standard PVDF whose molecule are rather in parallel to each other and not strongly bonded to each other. The tridimensional network provides high resistance to erosion and micro cracks. Cross linking is a chemical principle which applies for example to EXPOXY resin.)

Company growth plans & marketing strategy for India

India is a growing market and we are creating awareness of the fabric solution all over India. Main challenge is to create awareness of using membrane for lightweight solutions. Serge Ferrari has longer vision for the marketing and growth plan in the country. Today the main emphasis is the building industry applications. The company as per its global marketing strategy, in India too is focusing on doing the specification job by meeting the architects/consultants/ government departments/ builders & developers on regular basis to educate and give solutions of different applications using composite materials. Today Serge Ferrari has started reaching out to the tier-II cities as well and the results are encouraging.

Some of the major ongoing projects using Serge Ferrari membrane are, TCS, Chennai, Infosys, Chennai, & Vijayawada Airport by Technospan, Bangalore, Bhupen Hazarika Memorial, Guwahati by Construction Catalyzers, Pune, Belizia Dome, Surat & Eva Mall, Baroda by McCoy, Mumbai, Shell, Bangalore by Grorich, Bangalore, Delhi Hatt & HCL Projects by Western Outdoor, Mumbai and IG3, Chennai by Akruti Tenso, Mumbai.


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