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Lightweight & Attractive Roof Cover

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Roofing a building is as important as creating its foundation. Roofing material should be an amalgamation of varied requirements – aesthetics, external visual appeal, protection from weather, longevity, safety and acoustics. The Onduvilla roofing tiles developed by Onduline, comprises innovative materials and systems that offer an attractive Mediterranean-style look with a clay tile resemblance. The tiles which are extremely tough are manufactured from bitumen saturated recycled organic fibers under extreme heat & pressure.  These tiles are manufactured by a patented process which ensures even penetration of the bitumen thereby ensuring high dimensional stability and prevents delamination. The colouring of the tiles is achieved through a unique pigmentation process which ensures that the colour is stained into the tile and is retained for long period of time.
The small tile size of 106 x 40cm size is designed to give roofs a pleasant look that reminds of traditional clay tiles at the same time being extremely light. An exclusive three tone painting system ensures a natural texture on the tiles. The tiles are supplied in range of exciting colours from single colours to shaded colours that significantly complement the appearance of the roof.


  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • High insulation and sound absorbency values
  • Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
  • No algae or moss formation
  • Light weight
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 192km/hr.
  • Does not break during transportation and installation
  • Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours.
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Easy to cut, shape & install.


A variety of applications like balcony and terrace coverings are possible by designing light weight frames to support the tiles. Onduvilla tiles also offer excellent possibilities for restoration of roofs that are covered by traditional clay/concrete tiles and have become old or damaged. The lightweight and flexible nature of Onduvilla, enables faster renovation. The tiles need minimal maintenance and their outstanding wind resistance ensures that the tiles do not fly off in heavy winds thereby avoiding any damage.

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