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Maison Edouard François skyscraper trio in India

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Sector 66 of Gurgaon will be the site of French architect Maison Edouard François’ newest project, a luxury complex crowned by three stainless steel-clad skyscrapers. Named Guragon 66, it will house a hotel, a multiplex cinema and an apartment complex. The most defining feature, the glass-canopied shopping mall covers most of the ground floor. The internationally known brand stores will be housed in independent marble buildings within the main structure. These shopping “embassies” will be grouped along the mall axis in a manner resembling a traditional European neighborhood. At the same time, the roofs of the shops will be utilized as restaurant space, and will be connected to each other by elevated footbridges. This is intended to create a unique, multi-level promenade. The lower portions of the complex’s towers will provide space for residential areas and a hotel. The top of each tower will be devoted to public amenities such as pools, gardens, and bars, connected via misted suspension bridges between towers. When built, Gurgaon 66 will be a LEED Platinum-certified building.

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