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Making Construction easier and greener

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Gujarat based, Perlcon Premix Pvt. Ltd offers a wide variety of dry mortar formulations that help quick and better post structural construction. Perlcon Chairman, Shreyas C Sheth speaks to Buildotech.

How would you like to introduce Perlcon Products in our market?

Our company symbolizes innovation and change. Perlcon represents the value system practiced world over for manufacturing cement based premix mortars and building materials for the contemporary construction. We identify problem areas and apply innovations for offering best solutions to our customers. With Perlcon Products, the users get maximum consistency and ease of application at site where as the end users get long term advantages of Green Building Construction materials and Eco Friendly Construction Technology.

We at Perlcon strive hard to achieve maximum commercial viability for our customers while leaving minimum space for maintenance occurrences.

How are Perlcon Formulations distinguished from other conventional products available in the market?

Perlcon premix mortars are lightweight, sandfree and self-curing dry mortars that shall be mixed with water at site before application. The Perlcon Formulations shall be applied on dry surfaces without pre-wetting and shall not need curing post application. Nevertheless, they are cement based formulations developed with fine blend of specially selected natural minerals for lasting values.

Perlcon innovations improvise conventional products’ properties to optimum level and simplify their application process at site. The materials save time, effort and cost in ‘real time’ situations. They are light weight and hence ‘Performance Enhancers’ on field. Thus the products benefit all the stakeholders – builders, applicators and occupants.

What are the sustainable features of your products?

  • Perlcon formulations are sand free, cement based and self curing.
  • They contribute greatly in reducing a substantial burden on the environment and make construction eco friendly.
  • Sand free construction materials are a solution for preventing large scale degradation of river banks and coastline as well as other natural resources used for extracting sand. They also make construction dust free, cleaner and the world a better place.
  • Self curing construction materials are crucial to solve the looming water crisis.
  • Besides, the Perlcon products play an important role by offering effective & viable alternatives in your drive to counter the industry trend of rising labour costs and related issues.
  • Perlcon products help substantially to reduce construction material demand / multiple handling at site and therefore wastages.
  • At the same time, Perlcon products ensure quicker, precise and consistent work execution at site without delays and idle time lags. Eventually they save construction time significantly.
  • The products are free of VOC, free of efflorescence and bio-degradable contents. Therefore, they offer lasting values and are subject to no or least of maintenance works.

What are the various products and their applications?

Perlcon products result in considerable savings of time, cost and labour. They make the operations easier, cleaner, dust free and ensure greater productivity. For any Perlcon product, one has to simply add water at place of work and start application on dry surfaces.

Perlcon’s offerings include;

  • Masonry Mortar Premixes: BlockBond for AAC blocks, BrickBond for bricks & cc blocks
  • Plaster mortar Premixes: SandFree for regular plaster work Volite – light weight smooth plaster
  • Special Plaster Mortars: IcyPlast for Insulation Plaster treatment, OsmoPlast for Moisture Releasing plaster treatment, colorPlast pigmented mortar for textured surfaces
  • Putties: MaskaPutty for whiter, smoother stronger walls ColorPutty for decorative walls with pastel shades
  • Tiles, stones fixing Mortars: VertiGrip for wall tiling & Cladding work, AlphaGrip for horizontal surfaces & tile on tile works, JointoFill cement base joint fillers in different colors.

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