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Malaysia’s Green Diamond Building

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The Diamond Building, the eight-story headquarters of the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) of Malaysia in Putrajaya, was recently awarded the top prize in the ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA) by ASEAN Centre for Energy.

The passive-design, energy-efficient structure is designed to use natural light and to consume about one-third the amount of energy of a conventional building of its size. The Diamond Building (Bangunan Berlian in Malay) is topped with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which generate about 10% of the building’s energy. Rainwater harvesting systems save about 70 to 80% of water usage. The building’s inverted pyramid configuration allows more roof space for solar panels and more ground space for greenery.

The centerpiece of the building is a large central atrium designed to admit and regulate daylighting using an automatic roller-blind system responsive to the intensity as well as the angle of the incident sunlight.

The building is self-shading for direct solar radiation, with facades and an atrium optimized to direct diffuse daylight into the building. The crown of the atrium has spectrally selective glazing and a dynamic shading system balanced so that cool daylight is admitted to the atrium in response to outdoor lighting conditions. The building’s integrated cooling system utilizes coils embedded in the concrete floor slabs that keep floor and ceiling temperatures between 19 and 21oC.



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