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Mantri Developers to develop multiple hotels in Bangalore.

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Mantri Developers, one of India’s fastest growing real estate companies announced the signing of an agreement with Bonjour, the hotel group that has introduced a new budget hotel concept in India. The agreement makes way for the development of multiple properties, starting with the opening of three to five new hotels in Bangalore in the next 36 months.

Bonjour is reinventing budget hotels by focusing on customers’ real expectations, making the basics perfect and creating a new type of hotel experience. Gone are unnecessary frills, replaced by contemporary design, top-quality beds, user-friendly technology and soundproof rooms. These new properties will boast 400 to 600 stylish, compact rooms, decked out with all the comfort and technology and are scheduled to open 2017/2018 onward.

Unlike many other hotel chains, Bonjour! is an entirely per-designed and per-engineered concept with high levels of standardization and per-fabrication. The strength of the Bonjour financial model lies in its extremely efficient use of space, a very low operating cost model and highly repeatable standards of construction and operations.

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