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Masterwork(s) in the best light

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The glistening silver façade of the “Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art” is a real eye-catcher in the Italian city of Bolzano. The “Museion”, which was opened in 2008, is a source of fascination for lovers of art and architecture, and has a convincing sustainable energy concept. A façade of glass slats channels natural daylight into the exhibition areas while at the same time regulating the temperature inside the building. So as to unite functionality and aesthetics while also optimizing the lighting and climatic conditions, the building clients opted for drives from elero.

The objective of the architecture firm KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike was that of ensuring that light radiation and the indoor climate throughout the entire building suit the special needs of the valuable exhibits. The solution was an automated façade with glass slats and a technically sophisticated climate control concept, for which the “Museion” received the prestigious KlimaHaus Award in 2009.

The three-tier façade construction is made of movable, matt-finished glass slats from Model System Italia which controls the amount of natural light entering the interior of the museum during the day. They allow light into the rooms while at the same time preventing any dazzling effects or direct light on the exhibited works. A special feature: If the slats are open, passers-by outside the building can see what is happening in the “Museion”. At nighttime the façade becomes a projection wall. The slats are closed entirely and form a transparent area used by the museum for external communication using light, images and video art. The precise movement of the slats is ensured thanks to the installation of a total of 140 Picolo XL actuators from elero. With its slender construction and its quiet running this drive is particularly suited for use in modern façade architecture.

In addition to guiding light, the façade serves as a climate buffer for the building. Depending upon the solar radiation, a flexible ventilation system changes the direction of the air flow and regulates the cooling or heating of the entire building. The regulation of the fresh air system is taken care of by ten Econom 2 actuators from elero. These powerful push-rod actuators move the slats on the roof, thus making an important contribution to the concept behind the active climate control façade.

elero GmbH is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric drives and controls for roller shutters, sun protection systems and industrial doors.

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