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Mechanized parking a necessity

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Sieger Parking is a part of Sieger Spintech Equipments Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading companies in the textile automation industry domain for past two decades. With a world-class manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, Sieger parking is company’s latest vertical. Managing Director of Sieger Parking, G. Radhakrishnan speaks to Buildotech about the new age multi-level automated parking systems, the need for new technologies and company offerings in this segment.

What are the various types of automated parking systems and their specific applications?

The common mechanical parking systems comprise puzzle-parking; pit parking, tower-parking and rotary-parking system. Puzzle and Rotary systems can optimize the space available on the ground, tower systems are best used in vertical space to utilize the vertical height. Pit Parking is a form of Puzzle which uses space below ground when there is an option to have a pit made.

The fully automated parking is the most sophisticated system that can fit the upscale lifestyle projects with perfect finesse. The semi-automated parking system like the puzzle parking are the affordable systems and are easy to maintain and operate. With the current landscape of existing buildings and new buildings coming up, semi-automatic systems are the best suited for present Indian conditions.

Brief on Sieger Parking

We had been looking at entering the parking business for quite some time. Our exercise started two years back, when we decided to launch a range of parking solutions which can create an experience to help people, park and retrieve their cars in a more enjoyable fashion. The technology used in these systems is a strong and proven Australian Technology which was built through years of extensive research clubbed with creative engineering. The last year and a half, we have spent on studying it further and successfully added a series of features considering the Indian conditions and made it a compelling prospect for the Indian driver.

Parking systems worldwide are considered lifestyle products, we at Sieger endeavour to make world class products in India for India. Manufacturing to us has always been more than just making and putting the parts together. It is about coming up with real ideas, testing the principles and perfecting the engineering. The final assembly what we showcase should translate our beliefs, conviction & focus. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with one of the most efficient Laser cutting systems, CNC equipment and state-of-the-art assembly line and paint shop. All our products are made 100% in house.

As a company, we have always treated design and technology innovation equally, so that we can integrate them organically in our thoughts, efforts and processes, which has been our point of difference. This helps create systems & products that are conceptually interesting and visually stunning. Furthermore, the Indian conditions are taken in account during the product design to address specific challenges and turn them into value additions.

Parking solutions provided by the Company

Technologies that make operational challenges easier and simpler are the most appreciated by the clients. Innovations that offer easy user operation and more secured parking and comfort to the user set the standards to define technologies. Our current parking solution includes Puzzle parking system which we can custom design as per the needs of the customer and shortly to be introduced is tower parking system. We have packaged various innovative ideas and one such is idea is the Sieger Smart Logic – touch panel user interface, which is an industry first. It helps in smoother, secure and easy usage of the system offering parking convenience. The technology will give users a feeling of comfort that their car is safe, secure and easy to retrieve. We also plan to have a service franchise offering through online toll free numbers and conduct certified trainings for operators/users for high quality system maintenance.

What is the level of awareness among developers & building industry professionals?

Comparing the levels of awareness two years back, it is gradually increasing. Parking being the need of the hour, anything that can help solve this problem is being well received at all quarters. The developers are open to adopting innovative options to maximize the product potential. With space constraints posing major infrastructure and social problems, the best solution is automated parking.

The professionals and building owners are realizing that in terms of cost, the mechanical car parking works out to be much economical in the long run when compared to the current land prizes and civil constructed multi-level parking garage. Firstly, the land parcels are not available especially at vantage points and secondly, the main advantage of mechanical parking is that it can be dismantled and re-mounted anywhere, anytime, anyplace without any extra cap-ex cost except for the foundation cost.

Safety aspect of automated parking

For mechanical systems, there are four areas to cover for safety which are electrical, electronic, mechanical and software. The design should be simple and trouble free so that maintenance and service is straightforward and simple. Additionally, operators should be given extensive training for regular maintenance. Also, the built in software should be advanced to make automation operation simple and safe. For instance, software provided by Sieger prompts any potential failures in advance for swift action.

Sieger systems have the four safety areas clubbed so as to complement each other to build a fool proof dual layer kind of safety which is logical and objective to every element of a working system. The controls can identify & differentiate the movement of cars V/s human interventions as a part of the logic as well as a safety measure. The company also provides training and annual maintenance options. A well-maintained system is prerequisite for a safe and long lasting product.

Challenges and potential of automated parking systems in India

The future of automated parking industry is very exciting, challenging and promising. The growth is going to be around 30% year on year positively. What we need is a good multi-sector understanding among the professionals. Architects are the right catalysts to suggest the optimum solutions. The building columns and beams can be spaced / standardized to accommodate car parking systems that will pave way for optimum planning for parking spaces. The other issue to reckon is the government policy and procedure clarity regarding mechanical car parking systems.

The awareness and the need for advanced parking are increasing and in the coming decade we can find automated parking system becoming a regular fixture like elevators in the apartment complexes.

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