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Meeting all security needs

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What are the different security & automation solutions offered by Aarya ITES?

We offer a range of products such as video surveillance, burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control devices, video door phones, metal detectors, financial solutions and LED displays. The services range from home security systems to corporate surveillance, from service for educational institutes to religious institutions, from ground level individual safety to society level to city to state to central level- covering all spheres and levels of security.

Our advanced video surveillance technology provides you with smart options of monitoring through your computer, laptop and even through your cell-phone. This system not only lets you monitor the criminal activity but also enables you to keep a watch over your employees and staff which certainly helps enhance the productivity and efficiency. Even those organizations which cannot afford a security guard could get benefited by this efficient device.

The fire alarm and smoke detector system detects fire or the influence of fire. For instance, it senses a fire by detecting the smoke coming out from it. As soon as it detects smoke or fire, it performs various alarming functions like notifying the occupants, notifying people in surrounding area, alerting the fire service and activates all the fire alarm components in a building. The most distinguishing feature of the system device is that it notifies you automatically by sending an SMS or a phone call.

Biometric, Time & Attendance System and Access Control System controls the access to a premise first by denying the entrance of any unauthorized person and secondly, by making report of time and attendance of every employee in the company. It also controls the entry and exit of an employee.

Not limited to human only, our system provides you a facility of identifying the vehicle as well. You get a power to allow only the vehicle to enter you want to.

The other customized solutions offered include Gate Automation, Monitoring & Visitor Management; Wired (LAN) & Wireless Network Solutions( point to point, point to multipoint wireless network solutions, voice & data network…); Public Address (PA) system and Voice Data (EPABX) System; and Audio & Video Solutions.

We have recently diversified into Smart Highway Traffic & Toll Management. Where we provide complete end to end solutions for toll ways including SSWIM, ECB, TMS, Hand Held Devices, CCH, RFID, Smart Card, Networks (OFC/ Copper/Wireless) etc.

Intruder or burglar alarm systems and VDP or Video Door Phone are some of the home security solutions we are providing.

The increasing demand for security measures and the technological innovations have enabled security systems to work in the background, without hampering or affecting day-to-day activities. In order to help people implement effective security solutions, Aarya ITES offers a range of security products, says Director, Manan Bhavsar.

When it comes to service what are the special features?

We are a young team consists of engineers, management graduates and highly qualified and committed professionals in presentation,demo, sales and marketing of the products. We are very particular about providing unique pre-sale and post-sale services.

Pre-sale services include

• Site visit through the engineers to the client premises

• Analysis of basic requirement of a client

• Discussion of the solutions with clients as per his requirement

• Demonstration of the product at clients place (if required)

• Installation of the products at clients place for his complete satisfaction

Post-sale services include

• Training to the staff at client’s place as how to operate the system

• Complete service support

• Technical support

• Preventive maintenance

• Fast respond time.

• Most differentiating feature is that we take a responsibility of our installed system at least for 5 years if client chooses an option to enter into an uninterrupted maintenance contract.

One of the USPs of our company is the flexibility we offer to our customers.: Along with the live demo of the product, we offer a facility of installing the system at customer place in order to make him get the feel of the product. If customer is not satisfied with that, we have a flexible option of replacing the system with another.

Our systems provide an exceptional controlling power to the user. Client can monitor and manage various security devices at various places just from one control station. That means just by sitting at one place you can monitor the activities going on in your office, your godown/store, your parking area etc. e thereby saving efforts, time and money and avoiding the complexity.

Customization is another factor we excel in. Since we understand and analyze the requirements of the client, we customize our products and services as per the needs.

Flexible Operation models: Sometimes, security becomes a prime thing of concern even in occasional functions, ceremonies and other cultural events. Hence, it will not be rational to spend on whole security system and its implementation. Therefore, keeping in mind such requirements, we offer a facility of renting out the security systems at incredibly reasonable rates.

Outsourcing: We are also open to accept the projects outsourced to us. We understand that some times, due to time constraint, lack of man power etc., some organization may not be able to accomplish a particular project. In that case, we take that project and execute it with complete honesty and dedication.

Our vision is to become the most trusted brand in the field of security systems, office automation and IT infrastructure.


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