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MEFMA to host awareness conference in Saudi Arabia

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Middle East Facility Management Association(MEFMA) will host its first conference in Kuwait City on May 7 to address the significance of the facilities management industry in the country after the value of awarded construction contracts in Kuwait nearly doubled to $13,226 million across all sectors since 2012. The recent infrastructure developments in Kuwait will drive the construction and property industry in 2013 and in turn facilities management – which is responsible for maintaining a high level of operational efficiency once handover is complete.

Jamal Lootah, MEFMA president and CEO of Imdaad said: “Kuwait has an advantage because it can implement best practice in operations and technology from the beginning, rather than having to realign any bad habits. So it is imperative we raise awareness of FM from the outset which includes training the younger generation who will be managing the many construction projects once they are complete and integrated into Kuwaiti infrastructure.”


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